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  1. K

    Want to Sell Vitage Stihl S10 Chainsaw looking for a new home

    I was hoping someone could help me identify a saw, and if someone is interested, maybe find it a new home. I am not sure of the year, but it is a Stihl S10. It has a 7 digit serial number so I know it is pre-1980. The saws is complete and has compression but I really haven't looked too much...
  2. Bailey's Inc.

    Clean 'em up with WoodlandPRO Chainsaw Chain

    Save when you buy packs of 10! http://www.baileysonline.com/shop.axd/Search?keywords=wpl+10
  3. Bailey's Inc.

    Cut 'em down with Chainsaws from Bailey's

  4. S

    New Saw today...

    Long time lurker, first time poster here. But I figured today was a good day to start since my new 461 Wrap model came in! I'm very excited.
  5. K

    Want to buy Stihl 044 Projects saws

    Looking For Complete saws, salvage or parts for 044. I have 5 that I Would like to get going! Thank you
  6. K

    Want to buy Stihl Project saws, Salvage, non runners

    I would like to Buy a Stihl Project saw, nothing to fancy. 009L, 017, 015 etc. If you have anything bigger 044, 031, 088 that's fine too!
  7. K

    Want to buy New NOS Stihl parts lot

    Wanted- New NOS Stihl parts. I would prefer chainsaw parts HUGE boxes of them. But realistically will Buy whatever is available. Doesn't matter how large or small your stockpile is.
  8. T

    About to buy this Homelite XL chainsaw - opinions needed

    Hi there I'm about to buy a used Homelite chainsaw. It has a sticker with XL on it and 10722-E that must be the model number. It is a 14" blade saw The saw is almost as new. The seller told me that it didn't work for several years. At first he wasn't able to get it to run, but after a fuel...
  9. maul ratt

    Truncator 6pro Chainsaw Sawhorse

    What do you think? How do you cut your limbs and branches?
  10. M

    Stihl 024 AV - Problem Diagnosis

    I have recently acquired a Stihl 024 AV. It starts and runs excellent but after around 15 cuts the chain seems to stop, almost as if the chain brake were on, but it is not. Could this be a problem with the sprocket or clutch? I have attached some images for inspection.
  11. K

    Want to buy Ms261c crankcase half fan side

    Hi, I'm looking for an ms261c fan side crankcase half. Or a salvage ms 261c doesn't matter. Thanks for looking.
  12. Andrew W.

    Okay so this worker

    Okay so I watched a guy flush cut a stump today, now the way I was shown was, you clear out as low as you can go without hitting dirt, rocks, chain link fence, and other stuff, get on your knees put the saw sideways, eyeball the bar levelness and cut 90%, insert wedge or bark and Finnish the...
  13. J

    Beginner and I Need Help!

  14. M

    Want to Sell 3 Sthil MS290s for sale

    ***Current picture is only for reference and is not actual item but is very close condition wise, camera on my phone is currently not working (software issue I think) (please read description) and I'm working on getting pics up asap, Thanks*** Hey guys I'm new to the...
  15. ToMang07

    Stihl 046 Magnum: Mods and Maintenance?

    Just picked up a Stihl 046 Mag, no history on the saw. (It was Pawned) It's in good shape, a little used, but not terrible, and for the price, it was in MUCH better shape than the others I had the opportunity to buy. So....what should I do before I run it? I already have a new 20" bar/chain...
  16. Hexa Fox

    Sharpening Chainsaw Chains

    Hey guys I have seen similar topics posted elsewhere, but for the sake of being spot on and getting tips I am creating my own post. I recently bought a really nice Oregon 620-120 Grinder with the tripod stand. Thus far all it has accomplished is looking pretty in my basement. I regret this...
  17. S

    How Did I Damage My Saw?

    I am a light chainsaw user - firewood, property clean-up etc. and just bought a new Dolmar PS5105 to take over full time duty for my vintage saws. I love it! While cleaning my saw after cutting, I noticed that the chain catch looked like it got nicked by the chain and the side of the...
  18. S

    Weekend warrior cutting

    Going to begin cutting quite a few dead trees off my property. By few I mean a small timbered area in nebraska that has not been maintained in a very long time. I will be taking dead trees out and cutting splitting and selling. What stihl will be best for me. I have been considering the farm...
  19. Razrburns

    Chainsaw advice

    Hello all, new to the forum and need advice. A friend has several felled trees on his property, free for the taking. Of most interest are a 40" diameter red oak 31' long; and a 29" diameter poplar 42' long. These are limbed, and there are several smaller logs on the lot. What size saw, power...
  20. Joel B

    Chains do not fit my Husqvarna 55 Rancher

    Hello, DISCLAIMER: I know very little about chainsaws. I am having difficulty finding the proper chain for an older Husqvarna 55 Rancher which they no longer produce. It's probably 8+ years old. It has an 18" bar that used to say Farm Tough and has the following engraved: 18" 45cm 3/8" 68DL 050...