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  1. J

    Crane Climber Needed In North Carolina

    We are looking for qualified persons to fill the position/ positions of : Crane removal climber, foreman, ground specialists and sales reps. Please inquire at our website at JDTreePros.com or by contacting our field manager Rick at 919-467-7997
  2. Eivind from Norway

    Husqvarna 550 Top Handle mod

    Hello. I have both Stihl 150 and Husqvarna 540 top handle saws. Both are ported and runs really well. But for larger trees I often use a ported 550 when climbing. The cutting power of the 550 is really so much greater than the 540. However, the absence of top handle on the 550 makes it...
  3. CleanCuts

    UTAH company ! All positions

    Please contact me asap we are hiring experienced ground crew and climbers !! Small company but we offer a lot. Come grow with us, Lots of opportunities for advancement. Proactive management, call us today 801666 4202
  4. B

    Begin pruning from ground using pole saw or wait until able to climb?

    I'm in the process of reclaiming a few acres of a wild woodland of mature oaks. I think it would be beneficial to prune dead limbs of the oaks. There are alot of oaks and alot of dead limbs. My pruning tactics to date have involved employing the tallest pole saws I could find on the parts of...
  5. T

    Want to buy climbing spikes/spurs

    looking for good condition spikes, tree gaffs preferred with good pads other than "T or L" pads unless the price is right. I'm 5'7" also so nothing to tall
  6. dblack

    Taking risks...to save some time and money?

    I have a question I wanted to get everyone's opinion on. This may belong in the commercial tree care forum but I wanted to start it here. The situation: There is a split ash with codominant stems. Each stem is no more than 14" in diameter and the split occurs only a few feet off the ground. The...
  7. B

    Got Climbing Classes for HomeOwner?

    I have a bunch of large oaks on my property I would love to prune and would like to learn how to do this safely the right way. I'm thinking a class would be a nice approach but am having difficulty finding one. Has anyone every heard of such a thing for homeowners? Can you put me on a trail to...
  8. Jere39

    I leave the climbing to a pro

    I've shared pictures and video of me cutting dead Red Oak for firewood several times here. I also have a nice long 1500' driveway that runs through the woods, and my utility lines are strung on 9 poles along the drive before they go underground for the last 300'. So, I have (had) about a half...
  9. Westonfatty

    Aspens: climbing and blowing out tops

    Hey Guys, I learned to climb back east, in hard woods, big trees and good wood. Now I live in Utah and have rekindled my love of climbing trees, humping heavy loads and started my own business. I deal with so many Aspen's out here and wanted to hear your opinions. When I learned to climb I...
  10. S

    Oak Removal

  11. manwithsaw

    SOLD!!!! Climbing Harness (Beginner)

    Look to upgrade my home made rig to something respectable. Not looking for something fancy. Used would be good. Thanks for considering
  12. T

    Want to Sell Unused Climbing Gear

    Got it from work surplus. Gear is a couple years old but never been used. FallTech 8259 6' Shock Absorbing Lanyard Mfg JUN 2013 MSRP: $39.00 ElkRiver Inc 19250 5/8"-3/4" Dual sized Trailing Rope Grab/ anti-inversion/ 2" ri Mfg SEPT 2013 MSRP $79.17 PMI SG51043 Avatar Seat Harness Mfg FEB22 2005...
  13. G

    Want to Sell Buckingham viking harness for sale

    Buckingham viking harness (new 259$) $175 plus shipping obo Buckingham steel spurs with big buck pads (new 298$) $400 for both plus shipping obo Purchased a little over a year ago and only used a half dozen times.
  14. A

    Want to Sell Weaver WLC-530 One Floating Dee, Padded Leg Straps - LRG

    Got it a little over a week ago (9/23/16). Bought the wrong size, and the seller doesn't accept returns. Put it on literally thrice - once to see if it fit (it did on the smallest hole), once to make sure it held my weight and wasn't defective(I Texas Kick'd up about 20 feet in the front yard...
  15. manwithsaw

    SOLD!!!! Climbing spikes

    First set. Used or new fine. Need shipping to VT or local pickup. Thanks all
  16. Bailey's Inc.

    Save 20% on Teufelberger - Limited Time Only

    Save 20% on Teufelberger - Limited Time Only http://media.baileys-online.com/6382/jul1_2016/index.html Teufelberger features the highest quality materials, cutting-edge manufacturing processes, and innovative developments in Arboriculture!
  17. SEVE

    French Removal

    Douglas removal in Ardèche, FRANCE.
  18. J

    Experienced climber needed ASAP for 2 days. Sequim, WA. Crane Removal

    Hi, I have a couple of Red cedars to remove, one of them was a co dominant, it shed on the neighbors roof. Remainder is left vulnerable to failure. Hoping to hear from someone soon. Thanks, James.
  19. dblack

    Storing Climbing Helmets

    Weird question... I have three helmets in my truck with me. I have two stihl hard hats with face shields/ ear muffs. I also have a kask climbing helmet with muffs I just bought that I love. I like to carry all three in my truck. The two Stihl helmets get used pretty often when I am grinding...
  20. Andrew W.

    Are don blair saddles as good as they say

    I am about to purchase a climbing saddle in the near future, I have done alot of looking aroud, trying on saddles at work, and every now and again you hear about the don blair saddle from Sierra moreno. I just would like to hear about this saddle in this thread, not the cougar, or seqoia...