1. L

    Dolmar Kms-4 for sale

    For sale. $400. The saw was running a couple of months ago and the pull start mechanism broke. Selling power head only. Bar not included. Selling as is . I believe it to be the only rotary powered chainsaw ever made .
  2. Kimmy7776

    Want to Sell Homelite ECS 20, ECS 14 & Generator package

    I just purchased a set of Homelite ECS 20, ECSS14 & the Homelite generator that runs them. I don't really know much about chainsaws but they appear to all be complete. The person I bought them from said that they were bought together as a package by her grandfather when they were brand new...
  3. Aaron Rybicki

    Any Saw Collectors up Michigan way?

    Just wondering if there are any chainsaw collectors around my neck of the woods. I'm up in Manistee County, MI. I'm starting a collection myself. Mostly 70s Macs. I can't be the only one around here with the Yellow Fever. But if you collect any type and live nearby, gimmie a shout.
  4. BonScott46

    SOLD!!!! Jonsered XG (85cc) excellent condition 525USD shipped

    Jonsered XG (52mm, 85cc) in excellent condition. Same story as the XF that I posted. Piece missing from the front of the top cover near the muffler other than that in excellent condition. Paint is RED and very nice. Saw has been run more than the XF but still not much from the looks of it. Good...
  5. BonScott46

    SOLD!!!! JONSERED XF (110cc) excellent condition 1050USD shipped

    Jonsered XF (56mm 110cc)in excellent condition. Came from a Swedish guy that has been cleaning out his collection for several years. The pictures tell the story on condition. Paint is RED and very nice. Excellent compression and saw fires on prime. I do not know a lot about these saws but I will...
  6. hawkmoto

    Want to Sell Super 1130g Homelite Vintage 100cc Saw

    Excellent condition Runs and cuts now Could lead a collection 27" bar 100cc 6500rpm Homelite Super 1130g Classic Muscle Saw
  7. skunkinablunt

    Pioneer Partner 450

    i recently acquired a pioneer partner 450, in flawless running condition. i cannot find it anywhere online, and from what i have found... it is a very rare saw. can anyone tell me what its worth? also what year is this saw exactly. i know they were only made from 1964-1968. but what year is...