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  1. shelbythedog

    SOLD!!!! Dolmar/Makita 6400-7900

    Looking to buy a 7900 or 7901, but will look at anything from this family of saws 64cc and larger. Shipping to 48642. Prefer PHO. Venmo or PayPal. Thanks.
  2. Allar

    Dolmar PS-352 / Makita EA3601

    Hey friends, couple questions regarding the mentioned saw. Can i upgrade it to .325 ? How well does this saw respond to a muffler mod? I would most likely enlarge the existing outlet but not quite sure how much. What would be the meanest chain for that saw in 3/8 lp pitch? At some point this...
  3. H

    SOLD!!!! Dolmar 7910

    Dolmar 7910 in excellent condition Backstory: I bought this saw new in 2013 and it’s still on the original bar and chain. I got it as a second saw when I was heating solely with wood, then moved to a new house the next year and haven’t burned since. I’ve hung onto it for the past few years...
  4. T

    Want to Sell Couple Dolmars for sale or trade

    Hello, I am in need of a 70+CC Saw for my CSM. Therefore some saws from my collection are up for grabs. First up is a 1985 Dolmar 110 18" Bar Second is my Dolmar PS400 16" bar Pictures available VIA email or text. Both saws run and cut wood. I am looking for cash or trade offers on a...
  5. Paul Silvestri

    Big Spikes! 7901

    Just had to have these spikes for my 7901 but they are huge!! Do they make bucking harder or is it something a guy will get used to?
  6. MAngelotti1

    Want to buy Dolmar 114 parts

    Really only need air filter cover. Any amount of parts including that considered
  7. joe25DA

    One to add to my collection

    I haven’t kept a saw in a while. I’ve got or had most of the saws I want. Some really cool ones I’ve had were a near mint Homelite 750, husky 2101XP, like new old blue homelite SXL, gray and black dolmar 112, 660....others too. I’ve lost track. Those ones have new homes. I still have a bunch of...
  8. TreeworxNJ

    Want to Sell Beautiful Dolmar 6800i

    Picked this old Dolmar from a Gentleman who didn't know much about it. I'd like to sell this to someone who would appreciate it more. Want to sell or trade for a decent climbing saw, asking $300 obo
  9. KTM300

    Another "Is this a good deal?" thread

    Hi folks, So I was casually surfing Craigslist last night looking for a bookcase for the living room and an ad that I was looking at said, at the bottom of the listing, "also a couple old non running chainsaws". Of course I saw this as divine intervention telling me to spend money on chainsaws...
  10. L

    Dolmar Kms-4 for sale

    For sale. $400. The saw was running a couple of months ago and the pull start mechanism broke. Selling power head only. Bar not included. Selling as is . I believe it to be the only rotary powered chainsaw ever made .
  11. Karel

    What do I do with this one? Sachs Dolmar 100 Super

    Gentlemen Without further delay, please warm welcome and round of applause please for my latest suckage! Brand spanking new, straight from "West Germany", "Sachs Dolmar 100 Super" saw. We won't see that very often .. I know nothing about its origins, just appeared in local add server, and I...
  12. Aaron Rybicki

    Why do you choose McCulloch?

    What draws people to McCulloch saws? I've ran Homelite, Poulan, Stihl, Lombard (Knock Off), etc, and so on, but nothing matches the experience that McCulloch gives. For me, especially, it's the 10-10 series. With the double louvered muffler.... It is louder than all hell. I love it. I can...
  13. DirtyHippo

    Hey everyone, this is my introduction post

    Happy Saturday everyone, hope you are all enjoying the day. I am a new member as of today, although I've been searching for information for a few months now. I am the proud owner of 2 Sachs-Dolmar saws. A 116Super and a 119. I don't have any pictures of them as of yet (they are both under my...
  14. Aaron Rybicki

    Dynamark 39 CC Chainsaw??

    This is my brother in law's saw. It is a Dynamark 39CC saw. Not a whole lot of information on similar saws anywhere. I've seen in other threads that this saw is basically a rebadged Lombard saw. Anyone have any info on approximate year or bar mount? I thought I seen somewhere that it was A061...
  15. neutral4x4

    Want to buy Scored Dolmar 7900 Top End

    As the title says, I'm looking for an "unusable" dolmar 7900 cylinder and piston. Seized, scored, circlip gouges, broken fins.... doesn't matter to me. I'd actually prefer it to be junk as I wont be running it and don't want to waste good parts just to satisfy my curiosity. My only requirements...
  16. jl4c

    Dolkita 64xx/73xx/79xx won't take 8-pin rim drive sprocket?

    Since upgrading my 6401 to 7901 I wanted to try out an 8-pin sprocket to take advantage of some of that extra power. I bought the appropriate Oregon 22273 rim sprocket to give it a try. Everything fits just fine except that the chain now hits the rubber chip guide/deflector. Looking at the...
  17. jl4c

    Dolkita 64xx/73xx/79xx chain catcher upgrade

    I recently upgraded my former Home Depot rental DCS-6401 to 7901. While doing so I took the opportunity to freshen up a few things like the guide plate, chip guide/deflector, the "sponge" near the chain brake lever linkage, chain catch, etc. A little back story... When I got the saw the...
  18. jl4c

    SOLD!!!! (2) Oregon Power Match 240RNDD009 24" guide bars

    Everything is gone. Thanks gentlemen. I have two brand new Oregon Power Match 24" bars. This is Oregon's BEST bar and features a replaceable tip. They have the D009 (large Husky) bar mounting holes. Fits just about every Husqvarna / Jonsered / Dolmar / Makita larger than 60cc. They are 24"...
  19. NzArborist111

    Dolmar 117 restoration

    Hi there, I'm in the process of restoring an old Dolmar 117, but I'm having a bit of trouble finding parts here in NZ. I'm after all the bits that go inside the clutch cover to operate the chain brake. Have been looking on chainsawr but they appear to be sold out of the parts I need so I was...
  20. Mac&Homelite

    Want to buy Makita 6421 crankshaft

    I'm looking for a Makita crankshaft to finish my build. The clutch drum bearing wore into the shaft and created excess play. I don't think I can get away with repairing it thus the search for a used crankshaft. Let me know what ya'll got. Any of the crankshaft's should work from that series, as...