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  1. B

    To Fell or Not to Fell?

    Firstly, I apologize for the quality of the photos. Conditions were somewhat difficult and I was not aware that quality was lacking until returning indoors. If you need better photos in order to respond, let me know what perspective you'd like and I'll try to get it for you. The Tree - A large...
  2. Allar

    Felling, Limbing and Bucking a Spruce.

    Felling, Limbing and Bucking a Spruce for Firewood. My second video, so don't be harsh on me :( Hope you enjoy!:chainsaw:
  3. Allar

    Husqvarna 545 Autotune in action - Buckin' Firewood

    Hello friends. Decided to share my first video with you guys, never made a video with action cam before :) I know i have alot to learn regarding video making and recording. About the Husqvarna 545- Wow, what an amazing chainsaw, honestly i really bealive that 50cc is all you need for firewood...
  4. minigrowl

    To fell and mill a center rotting black walnut or let it grow?

    I have a 31' DBH black walnut in my woods that I discovered a hole leading to the center about 2 feet above the ground and 6-8'' of the center rotted away. There are several other black walnuts in this part of the woods but this is the biggest (not by much) and I like the campground look of this...
  5. C

    New here with MS311 question

    Hello everyone! My name is Matt. I live in Florida and I'm with South Walton Fire, which is close to where Hurricane Michael just came through. We have a lot downed trees throughout the neighboring counties and a lot of them are 75+ year old pines. We send crews over daily to help with the clean...
  6. Multifaceted

    2018 Axe Cordwood Challenge

    OK, anyone else besides me interested in doing this?
  7. Kensie1988

    Custom chainsaw felling spikes

    Hows it going everyone! Im looking to see if someone could help me out, im willing to purchase the metal, but i dont have a means to easily cut out the designs. I do have access to autoCAD and can draw spike to scale and print out templates to make the process as simple as possible. I can also...
  8. N

    Sawyers Needed

    NYS OFFICE OF PARKS, RECREATION AND HISTORIC PRESERVATION Title: Forest Health Specialist – Sawyer Crew Office location: Primary – Connetquot River State Park Preserve Sunrise Highway Oakdale, NY 11769 Status: Full time, seasonal (16 weeks) Salary: $20.10 per hour Availability: 2...
  9. P

    Wedge Renewal

    This has been mentioned in a few threads on wedges - here are some 'Before' and 'After' photos (hope you can tell which are which!). Plastic bucking / felling wedges are 'consumables', and in a sense sacrificial, but no need to waste them if they can be brought back to serviceable life. This...
  10. CaliforniaWalnut

    Teach me everything you know about logging and forestry!

    Hey folks! I'm writing a screenplay about logging & I need to know everything there is to know! I'd really appreciate any help :) I've been reading about some of the equipment used such as rubber tire skidders, but I just want to have a good handle on how the whole process goes--also the danger...
  11. justnacl

    How did the arborist get the tree to jump over the fence?

    Where I was living there was a large tulip poplar about 2 feet in diameter. It was dying and growing in between a shed and a fence. Fence was about 3 1/2 feet high and about a foot away from the tree. On the other side of the fence was the neighbor's empty back yard. We had a tree service come...
  12. Jere39

    Still Cutting

    This morning I determined there wouldn't be many cool mornings left, and I had a couple more dead Red Oaks to fell and consolidate. So, this is a full end to end felling of a 16" DBH dead Red Oak. I only carried one saw into this area, that is why the PS 6100 looks like over kill on this tree...
  13. R

    Missed mark feedback wanted.

    Just felled my first two trees today, second was off mark by 20 or so degrees. Been doing some youtube stuff so I shot it for you to see. Just wondering what it was I did wrong, I'm sure quite a bit, but for a first, I'm fairly happy with the results......the grapes, not so much.
  14. logeeland

    Looking for Info and Advice on MS361 and MS362 Felling Dawgs

    So I have the part #'s for the stock inner and outer felling dawg upgrades from Stihl for those 2 saws. Luckily they are the same part #'s. # 1135 664 0501 and # 1135 664 0500. I would like to stay stock for these to saws. Going much bigger would suck up too much bar on a 20" My local Stihl...