1. Mirek @ mmtrees

    Want to Sell 2018 FS500 Woodmizer Log Splitter

    Selling my 2018 Log splitter. It has 103 hours on it and works great. $18,000 or best offer. I am located in Brantford, Ontario. Send me a message here if you are interested or call me on my cell phone at 519-802-5887. Thanks for looking.
  2. Ol' Brian

    What did you cut down today?

    I thought this might make an interesting thread... Big Oak tree taken down this morning. I was hoping to make a nice log out of it, but it looks like it's going to be firewood :nofunny:. 395xp 32" bar. 46" stump. This big dude shook the ground pretty good when it hit. It will probably lay...
  3. woodchuckcanuck

    We're rolling into the 2021firewood season with new-to-us equipment

    We bought this 2008 Sterling in the spring of 2020, it came with a 14ft tilt deck. We then spent the summer choosing a grapple setup and designing a mesh cage. The grapple loader is a Palms 3.64 with 21ft reach. The two part cage is removable (left side with door, and right side with door) to...
  4. Mirek @ mmtrees

    Want to Sell FS500 Log Splitter for sale

    Canadian Site Information This machine has 84 Hours on it. Its 42 Ton of force. I love the ease of this machine making a perfectly square piece of wood with a 4-way box wedge. It splits wood fast. It does make kindling too. Looking to upgrade to a...
  5. Mirek @ mmtrees

    FS500 Woodmizer for Sale

    The machine is in excellent condition. It is a 2018/19 model. 84 hours are on the machine. The pusher block in the middle has been upgraded to a new style via Woodmizer. Asking $19500.
  6. woodchuckcanuck

    kiln drying firewood

    Finished a 2 cord batch of hardwood in the kiln this morning. Load and go. Had to keep 6ft from the wife so she had to load herself :) Then we loaded another two cord in the kiln. 1.75 cords (7 of the 8 crates) were air drying for a couple weeks out in the field. The 8th crate was fresh...
  7. D

    Washington apple wood for sale $275 per full 4x4x8 cord

    Have a lot of apple wood to get rid of for anyone who is interested 275 per cord
  8. F

    Can anyone specify this tree??

    I felled this baby and am cutting it into logs for firewood. As I'm stacking them to season the wood I'm curious what kind of wood it smelled delightful when I was sawing through it.❤
  9. M

    Want to Sell 2017 Timber Wolf firewood conveyor TW-C20

    For Sale: 2017 Timber Wolf firewood conveyor TW-C20. Powered by a Honda GX160 gas engine. I bought new for $8,500 and used it maybe a dozen times. It will load a cord of firewood in less than 10 minutes. Asking $6,900. Located near Dayton, OH. Call 9 three 7 four 7 five 8 nine 3 four. I...
  10. Questions4rmCO

    Ongoing insecticide

    So we had a problem with IPS beetle or some type of oak tree killing borer beetle... it killed one of our old oak trees that was at the corner of our house this summer. Me being paranoid that the bugs were going to hatch and fly to near trees since we've had kind of a problem this summer I...
  11. Allar

    Hauling firewood out of the woods.

    Just a quick video of how we haul the firewood out from the woods. Using an old beat up belarus mtz-80 tractor. The trailer started it's life as a muck spreader but has now been a firewood trailer for many, many years.
  12. woodchuckcanuck

    I built a bench for cutting firewood.

    Built this wooden bench with pallet lumber, slabs off the mill and some 55gal plastic barrels. A steel table and some recycled deck joists. We're looking at getting into processing firewood to sell. Not going big time, just want to dip our toes in and see how it goes. Slow and steady. So, we...
  13. Allar

    Felling trees for firewood and burning branches!

    Just doing what i love :heart::chainsaw:
  14. S

    Windfall Trees - What Price Per Tree For Firewood?

    Hello and please excuse any "newbie" behavior on my part. I really have a question that I cannot find a good answer on (as usual), I am hoping someone can help. I have 6 acres that was tossed around via tornado winds after heavy rains back in August 2018. Right now, I have a logger coming...
  15. W321shark

    I bought the wrong saw (ms250) Now what??

    Hello all I am new here but have always been an avid outdoorsman. I recently (about a month ago) took my first plunge into the world of saws and bought an MS 250 from a local dealer. I bought it as an excuse to clear up some small pines after a storm. Well I am now cutting firewood for my family...
  16. Allar

    Felling, Limbing and Bucking a Spruce.

    Felling, Limbing and Bucking a Spruce for Firewood. My second video, so don't be harsh on me :( Hope you enjoy!:chainsaw:
  17. Allar

    Husqvarna 545 Autotune in action - Buckin' Firewood

    Hello friends. Decided to share my first video with you guys, never made a video with action cam before :) I know i have alot to learn regarding video making and recording. About the Husqvarna 545- Wow, what an amazing chainsaw, honestly i really bealive that 50cc is all you need for firewood...
  18. Joseph Hillenmeyer

    Log Splitter Pauses before Splitting??

    Hello, New to the site so I hope this is the right place for this question. And I apologize for the length. I've been heating with wood for a while but am somewhat new to owning a wood splitter.. I've rented before when I had a large quantity and finally bought a used MTD 21-ton splitter this...
  19. F


    Has anyone taken advantage of the $20 permit to cut firewood on "select" state land in Michigan? I read the law and of course there are a ton of limitations. Most annoying is you cant leave an established road with anything other than a "handcart, wheelbarrow, ect" to collect the wood. So no...
  20. bfrazier

    Woohoo! I've Got 12" Wood!!!

    Ok, now that I have you here... ;-) I really do have something to say about firewood! I bought a 22 year old house and it came with a stack of pathetic leftover wood of bizarre random lengths from 12" out to about 22" in length, which is about the max my stove could use. When I got to actually...