1. Paul Silvestri

    Makita dcs chain brake help!!

    Any tips or tricks to getting the clutch side chain brake back on? Beat up the internet to no avail.
  2. Paul Silvestri

    Help with identifying this??

    while taking apart my Makita 6421 yesterday and and removing the cylinder and piston I noticed this sitting in front of carb near the intake boot. I don’t remember seeing it when removing the other parts. It’s the little black bushing in the pic with the decomp. I included the decomp to give you...
  3. IJWallace

    Sachs Dolmar 116 no spark

    Hi, I bought a Sachs Dolmar 116 online, it started and ran. I stripped it down cleaned it and reassembled and now I can't get a spark. I checked and the spark plug is fine, I've checked the gap on the coil and that's set but still nothing. i didn't clean the ignition coil with any harsh...
  4. RGWoodConcerns

    Sick Oak Tree. Please Help

    Located in the Hudson Valley- NY-We have a very large 75+ year oak tree in our front yard. It is dying at the top showing browned or no leaves in certain portions. In addition, a section of the lower bark is coming loose with carpenter ants, smaller ants and eggs living in the dead wet bark. I...
  5. IJWallace

    Want to buy Danarm 55 ignition coil

    Hi, I’m now on getting a spark from my danarm 55 I’m trying to restore. I think it’s the ignition coil and when I pulled off the wire cover I don’t think the positive was connected. Can someone please help with how it should be wired or where I can buy a replacement because I’m pretty sure it’s...
  6. IJWallace

    Want to buy Danarm 110 Automatic Price

    Hi, I've got the chance to buy a Danarm 110 in pretty good condition it seems (pictures attached) the guy wants £90 that includes some equipment. is this low, high? I can't seem to find a definitive price. Thanks
  7. Cobus

    Little advice needed!

    I’m sure everything I’m going to ask has been hit before but I have searched for quite awhile on here through bad threads that won’t show up and also pictures.. purchased a 440 for $50 I am going to do some mods to it, dp muffler and cover, new piston and jug.. Id like to port out the ridges a...
  8. H

    bar identification

    hello all, i was recently given a 48" cannon bar. it used and probably 10 years old but its in fine shape. it is marked "HUS5063 S" i dont know if this means i need to run 063 chain or not. its for milling mostly and accational stump job, if you understand these markings please help. thanks
  9. K

    Stihl ht 75 won't shut off

    Hey guys I'm rebuilding an ht 75. The engine is all together and it runs fine but it won't turn off. I just replaced the spring in the grip that should ground it out, and from what I've seen everything running from the engine to the tip of that spring works fine. What I can figure out is how the...
  10. J

    Saw fires but won't start

    I have a ms440 that has good compression (just put a new piston in it), spark, just put a new fuel line in it etc. After I let it sit for a while, it will start briefly on full choke then die, after that when I pull it over, it just fires and jerks my hand back. Any thoughts would be...
  11. W

    Woodmaster 4400 fan issues

    Ok so yesterday I updated my 12 yr old woodmaster 4400, fan is new, ETC is updated(if anyone else has done this, they know the wiring has changed some), snap disc replaced. Temp is reading, there are no codes showing up now that I'm up to temp but my fan is still not kicking on. I've gone...
  12. jrwied

    Chainsaw won’t recoil Please HELP.

    It’s a 372 clone build. It recoiled when I first built then the rope broke. Replaced that and the spring was chinsy so I replaced. Now the dang thing won’t retract. It retracts off the saw just not installed against flywheel. Any suggestions or advice is welcome. At my wits end with this...
  13. U

    555 or 562XP Yes, I'm sorry, another one...

    555 Or 562XP Yes, I know this one is a dead horse but I have a few questions. I currently have a 435, which I pretty much destroyed cutting 9 cords of oak with. That was my first saw and I learned a lot of things, especially what not to do. I bought that saw knowing this and now I ready to...
  14. O

    How would you remove this Pecan?

    Hello All, Seeking your experienced counsel. Please review this photo and advise me how you would piece this tree out. I will be using my bucket truck with a 52' working height. (I am guessing the tree to be 60'?) Since I have bid it out, I have lost sleep over this one...just want to be wise...
  15. C

    1990xp chipper issue

    I have a 1990xp bandit chipper recently it has not been working correctly all of a sudden I will try and chip something I would lose rpms and it wouldn’t regain rpms I would have to push the button and try to regain rpms sometimes it would go up and sometimes and wouldn’t at all my rpms would be...
  16. D

    Husky 254 professional, please help I don't wanna throw this old girl out!

    Hello all, new user to the site, have lurked some forums. What a great place. Lots of helpful advice and tips. Little back ground. Husqvarna 254 professional serial number 8180663, I seem to have a dead coil. Saw is ancient but I love it. It rips! Compression check 130 psi cold 145ish...
  17. B

    Help! What is wrong with my tree?

    We bought this house a year ago and my tree looked like this. We found Japanese beetles and started spraying for them last year. We will continue this year. Is that what caused this? Can I bring this tree back?
  18. P

    Frustrated with Stihl Chain!

    Stihl MS291 has me baffled. This is the chain: STIHL 3689 005 0081 Oilomatic 26 RM3 81. I have sharpened countless chainsaws in my life using nothing but a file and I have never had a problem until I purchased this saw. I am doing everything right. I am holding a 3/16 file at a 30 degree angle...
  19. P

    Advice on sharpening Stihl Ms291

    Hello, Stihl MS291 has me baffled. This is the chain: STIHL 3689 005 0081 Oilomatic 26 RM3 81. I have sharpened countless chainsaws in my life using nothing but a file and I have never had a problem until I purchased this saw. I am doing everything right. I am holding a 3/16 file at a 30 degree...
  20. Aaron Meyer

    Mystery Screw Stihl Wood Boss 028 AV

    I've been searching the forum all morning and found a huge amount of really useful information, but so far no answer to the question I came here looking for. Maybe someone can end my agony, haha. I was recently gifted a Stihl Wood Boss 028 AV that was leaking bar oil. So I tore it down and...