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  1. Kensie1988

    SOLD!!!! Clean Super XL automatic $100+shipping

    So I just picked this up and got it cleaned, it's one of the late model super XL automatics, really clean ones can be harder to find than good running ones but since I have one I feel like I'll pass it along, looking at the p/c it looks like it will run, had good compression, but is...
  2. Y

    old 60s-70s chainsaw questions

    Hi i just joined this great site, allready learned a fair bit from it over the past couple days. Not sure if im posting in the right catigory so let me know. I just got a couple old school saws off craigslist 80$. From what i can gather thier both great reliable saws and im excide to get...
  3. R

    Want to Sell RARE Homelite XL Brush Cutter

    Etan has this really clean Homelite Brushcutter he would like to sell, I know it's not a chainsaw but it uses the XL powerhead so I figured I would list it here. He is currently taking offers and all *serious* offers will be considered, shoot me a message if interested asking $350 not firm on price
  4. M H


    When cleaning out my dads shop after he passed away, my mom has found several old chainsaws. 3 Homelites- 1 zip, 1 wiz, one red and green one. 2 partner saws- 1 s55, and one we can't find info on. Also one Mc Culloch Mini Mac 25 Asking $50-$75 each.
  5. Kensie1988

    Want to Sell Various Chainsaws for sale

    Red - Pending payment/Sold Blue - Pending (Someone asked for shipping but hasn't committed) I have a few chainsaws I would like to get rid of. I have my eye on a saw I would like to purchase so I am trying to liquidate some of my collection I don't use anymore. All of the prices listed below...
  6. M H

    Want to Sell Vintage Cahinsaws- Barn Find

    BARN FIND- FOR SALE: 3 Vintage chainsaws. 2 Homelites (1 zip, one older model) 1 Canadien 275 with a 33"blade. My dad was a logger in the 50's-60's. We found these in his shop. They look pretty old, but might be fun for a collector or logging museum. Not sure of the value. I was told the...
  7. J

    homelite xl 800 oil pump

    Just picked up a Homelite xl -800. Its a runner, I brought it home put gas in it and fired it right up. However, I poured oil in the tank and goosed it up and no oil comes out the weep hole. This was one of the earlier 800's that has an auto oiler only. Its not even drilled for the manual pump...
  8. J

    Want to buy Bars for old Homelites

    Need a couple chainsaw bars. Don't care about brand, and would like to have them with a sprocket nose if possible. Need one at least 16" for a super xl auto and need another one at least 20" (would prefer bigger but I can live with that) for a xl-925 mount type. I may also need a 16" to fit a...
  9. MiloFrance

    Homelite XL2 parts

    Evening all (well it is here at least) Without even looking at the innards of the latest arrival in may garage (see also the "You suck 2018" thread) I need some parts for it. Is there a trusted seller that might send to France at a decent rate as well as having the stock? I've found a couple on...
  10. 1976patrickryanoneal

    Want to Sell Homelite chainsaws

    Ive got several Homelite saws i want to sell. Most are Xl model but ive got over a dozen various saws . ive also got several dozen new bars for them and several dozen good used ones as well.
  11. HeRoze

    SOLD!!!! *SOLD* Instant CAD

    $400. Cash and Carry only. Warner Robins GA. This stuff has to go. Everything that is a chainsaw in the pics - Nothing that isn't literally a chainsaw. ~29 saws all along the spectrum of greatness. McCullough, Poulan, Jonsered, Homelite. Bow saw, gear saw in a box (Mac 640), 2-man saws, 2 man...
  12. D

    Want to Sell Homelite Super XL-925

    Homelite Super XL 925 for sale. Has been stored in my garage and not run or operated in the last 15 years. Saw is complete with all parts in place. Asking $150 plus shipping.
  13. J

    homelite xl 103

    I am about to start a project on an old saw that my dad and uncle chucked back in the barn 20 plus years ago. As a starting point, I think I need to address a couple issues. One, what should the compression be on the saw. Two, the reason the saw got parked, was the head bolts were vibrating...
  14. Smokey Stover

    Not a chainsaw but...

    This might be of interest to a Homelite collector.
  15. M

    Homelite C-72 Max Power Build Hybrid

    All tags missing on this saw. after some research I believe it is a C-72. It runs well but w best loaded carb tune seems a bit weak. It may have a case seal issue. I figure if I am going to take the time to pull it all down I might as well go stupid on it for the fun. Here we go. What is the...
  16. Tomas Caballero

    Homelite Super XL Auto carb not getting fuel

    it has a Zama C2 20-20 carb. Cleaned carb with chem dip and also judicious spray of carb cleaner after taking out the needle and all diaphragms and gaskets. New fuel line. New carb kit including Welch plug. New fuel filter. New Champion cj6 spark plug. Strong spark. Compression 130. If I pour...
  17. Tomas Caballero

    Help getting parts list for Homelite Super XL Auto

    Instead of a UT number it just says Model No. SUPER XL AUTO. I think I'm missing the inner and outer guide plates. I found an IPL for SXLAO UT-10045 that shows part nos. 70399 and 70400 for the guide plates. Hopefully I can better identify the model no. Has Wico Prestolite coil/points /...
  18. Tomas Caballero

    Homelite Super XL Auto blue and white flywheel rubs against coil

    Got a freebie Homelite Super XL Automatic (not Ol' Blue). It's a beauty. Sort of. I'm converting it from points/condenser to either Atom or Kawasaki/Rotary electronic module as the points are badly corroded and won't separate off the lobe on the shaft. I put the flywheel back on and noticed...
  19. huskyslinger

    Want to Sell Homelite parts, must sell before garbage

    As title says this was a complete saw. Robbed a few parts sold the tank. Now I'm looking to see if anyone would like anymore parts?
  20. Kensie1988

    SOLD!!!! Homelite XL-700 $75+Shipping

    So this Saw is in decent shape cosmetically but still shows the normal wear. It also has no spark an I never figured out why, but someone with more experience might have better luck than me. The fuel tank also leaks from the seam where I took the last photo attached. I also have an aftermarket...