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  1. Kensie1988

    SOLD!!!! Homelite 775-G Origional Paint - Reduced

    I'm trying to help a real good buddy of mine to sell this Saw, it's a beautiful 775-G with origional paint that still runs, it definitely deserves to be in a nice collection, considering the condition of the Saw and it does run, he is wanting to get $400 plus the ride, just send me a PM if your...
  2. P

    Want to buy Homelite Super XL 925

    Looking for a Homelite Super XL 925 in excellent condition. [email protected] Thanks, Donny
  3. Kensie1988

    Want to buy C-7/71 C-9/91

    Im not sure really how much I'm willing to spend, I guess it just depends on condition, but I got my C-5 running and got to put it in some wood this weekend and fell in love with this series so I am looking to finish the set.
  4. Justme123

    What is the best oil to use in a Homelite XL-100 gearcase and proper level?

    My friend and I each own Homelite XL-100 Circular saws. The gear cases are full, but would like to be sure they have the proper oil in them at correct level. These saws must have been built like tanks. Both still working and over 50 years old. Thank you
  5. Kensie1988

    Removing rust from Chainsaw bar using using a batter charger

    So over the weekend I filmed a video of using a battery charger and electrolyte solution to remove the rust from my old Homelite C-5 solid nosed bar. I think it done a great job, but I wanted to know what all of the more seasoned vets thought. Enjoy! Part 1 Part 2
  6. Kensie1988

    Rebonding Homelite XL-700/800/850 Fuel Tanks

    I was just hoping that someone who has done this successfully or who knows more about this than I could guide me in how to crack and reseal my XL-700 that has a fuel tank leak.
  7. H

    Want to buy Homelite 410 Gas or Oil Cap

    Hi Folks, I recently found a working Homelite 410 missing one gas/oil cap. Anyone have one?
  8. Kensie1988

    Vintage Chainsaw Collectors Lounge

    Hello all! I just joined because there seems to be a healthy knowledge base here on old chainsaws. I recently was given an old 74 Homelight Super XL Auto by my wife's grandfather. It is in great running condition by the way (if you would like to see pictures just let me know). I have always...
  9. D

    922 super xl recoil grief

    I picked up a Homelite 922 super xl, recoil is clean and in good condition, moves freely and reacts as it should. When I bolt it on to the saw it will pull out and crank the saw over but will not release from the catches on the flywheel, anyone know why? I see a lot of recoil threads on here but...
  10. YoungBuck96

    Homelite 360 help

    I've just purchased a homelite 360 with full intention of restoring it. I was just wondering if there's possibly anything that is a more common issue that i should look for first. The saw has good compression and will turn over. I plan to replace: fuel lines, air cleaner, etc. But is there...
  11. Kegerator5

    Want to Sell Homelite C-5

    Alright guys. Bit if a story here. Bear with me. Sorry.. Bought off local farmer who was essentially selling off lots of things. I asked him the story on it. He said it was his father's. And he passed away 7 years ago. And his father was the last one to use the chainsaw. He said it was used...
  12. huskyslinger

    Want to Sell Homie C-5 parts

    So I have a complete C-5 that has been disabled and now I want to sell. I'm up for offers and will sell anything from one screw to the whole saw! Thanks gents
  13. Ratedbts

    I need help finding the model info of this vintage chainsaw...

    I recently bought this vintage Homelite chainsaw with a 10 inch blade off eBay and I need to know what the model info or name is so I can figure out the gas to oil ratio needed. I added some pictures. Please any help would be greatly appreciated. The only thing I could find on the old chainsaw...
  14. O

    Homelite XL-12 attempted Prestolite blue coil replacement

    Hi forum! So I figured I'd try to get my dad's old saw running again. No spark. A little googling turned up "blue Prestolite coil of death", and suggested baking the coil in an oven. That actually worked... for about a minute. A longer bake (24hrs @ 115C) and it worked for 10 minutes. Long...
  15. T

    About to buy this Homelite XL chainsaw - opinions needed

    Hi there I'm about to buy a used Homelite chainsaw. It has a sticker with XL on it and 10722-E that must be the model number. It is a 14" blade saw The saw is almost as new. The seller told me that it didn't work for several years. At first he wasn't able to get it to run, but after a fuel...
  16. D

    Homelite C-72 Clutch Removal

    Hi, I have a homelite C-72 that needed overhauling and I'm having trouble removing the clutch spider so I can get to the crankcase. I believe the clutch spider is threaded on? I have ordered a clutch removal tool on ebay as I didn't have the facilities to make one myself. Assuming the clutch...
  17. JonCraig

    Want to buy Homelite XL-101 Parts saw

    Looking to buy an XL-101 parts saw. Specifically need recoil starter, handle, muffler (though I'd prefer the muffler off a 102 or 103). Don't need the bar/chain. Anyone have a non-runner around that they're looking to sell? Thanks! --JC
  18. captain dangers

    homelite 330 first run after new rubber carb boot , nitrlie fuel pipe,pulse line, oil pipes,

    I have just fitted a new homelite 330 carb boot I bought from Randy's Engine Repair Ohio, Thanks Randy ;o), to an old 330 with working chain brake, in my collection I have had lying around for over a year and was wandering what the carb settings were for this model, I have the L set at around 1...