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  1. Tom B.

    Home made dust collection

    Saw this on YouTube today. Interesting & expandable too, with the right creativity. I suppose a person could 'supersize' it by using larger buckets or drums perhaps & an old furnace blower. Although you may have to take into consideration the effects of the volume of air moving & cubic area...
  2. 0

    Building a log splitter with a vertical shaft questions

    I have a mower I rebuilt a while back just to keep as a spare on From a walk behind mower. It’s a Kohler command pro 18hp CV493. I plan on running 28GPM 2 stage pump 4” cylinder 2” rod 24” stroke. With a log lift and hydraulic 4-way wedge. I have search the forums and I can’t seem to find...
  3. Robertnz

    hedge trimmer 3000

    need to replace 1 hydraulic solenoid valve...then of to the races
  4. Robertnz

    home brewed bucket trailer

    with outriggers its stable to 15 feet sideways, working height of 33 feet, total weight of 2400 pounds. gonna use it for hedges and trimming under canopies where my 60' bucket is a pain in the ass to manouver. tows easy no extra liscence insurance and is easy on lawns. tomorrow paint green...
  5. Eric Vogus

    Picnic table

    Don’t think it will be ready for Christmas but this is a piece I am making for my girlfriend. It will get flattened sanded and epoxied like a bar top. The wood all came from property that has been her mom and dads since 1971. She inherited it 23 years ago. No body ever did anything with it. Till...
  6. Eric Vogus

    Sawdust briquettes

    This is an old air operated strut compressor that I got for free from the shop I work at. Wanted to find a use for all the sawdust from my homemade csm.
  7. Eric Vogus

    Trying out homemade CSM.

    This was my first run over 5ft. First time I have had the two sections together. Made 2- 2x6.and 2-1x6’s 9ft Long. They came out square and on size. Some slight deviation but close enough for me. And some various other boards just testing and tuning.
  8. J

    DIY Trunk Injection- Suggestions/Help Needed

    Hey all- So I have quite a few trees in need of macro trunk injections but only have enough kits to do two at a time. Some days injections take longer than others but I’m always still waiting for one to finish before I can start the next. The prices on the kits that I have and the number of...
  9. J & L Creations

    My newest BIY updated sawmill build.

    Well guys, as you know I ended up giving my new freshly built homemade sawmill away, to keep the peace with my X partner. So here I am building another sawmill for myself. It will be better than the first one I built, with quite a few changes or modifications built in. Will be shorter than the...
  10. Johnnysef

    Homemade Saw Tools

    First, a little background about what I am up to. Recently I have found myself working on more saws than your average hobbyist, and I finally decided that it is time to get the proper tools for the jobs that I am doing. I am far from a professional saw mechanic and do not depend on this work...
  11. wireedm

    Homemade Box-Wedge Log Splitter Design

    Trying out my new homemade box-wedge log splitter design on some white oak. I used my older Northern Tool 22 ton splitter as the base. It's stock except for a Harbor Freight 6.5hp engine.
  12. CoreyB

    The homemade from scrap $150.00 CSM

    Ok I have really wanted to start milling my own wood. However with a budget of $150.00 and had no idea of how, I had to really think outside the box. So a searched this forum and started gathering all the info I could. After many nights of reading and searching. I got started. First I found...