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husqvarna 545

  1. N

    Husqvarna 545 Mark 2 Air Filter Differences

    I just bought a Husqvarna 545 Mark 2 chainsaw and was wondering what the differences in the air filters that came with the saw were. I didn’t see any information on them in the packaging. The orange topped one was installed on the saw so that’s what I’ve been running. I assume they are...
  2. Allar

    Felling a dead tree, is this root rot?

    Hey friends, just felling a dead tree which has root rot. I'm fairly sure that this tree has root rot but can someone confirm that? Seems like there's root rot and spruce beetles both killing my forest :(
  3. Allar

    Felling trees for firewood and burning branches!

    Just doing what i love :heart::chainsaw:
  4. Allar

    Felling, Limbing and Bucking a Spruce.

    Felling, Limbing and Bucking a Spruce for Firewood. My second video, so don't be harsh on me :( Hope you enjoy!:chainsaw:
  5. Allar

    Husqvarna 545 Autotune in action - Buckin' Firewood

    Hello friends. Decided to share my first video with you guys, never made a video with action cam before :) I know i have alot to learn regarding video making and recording. About the Husqvarna 545- Wow, what an amazing chainsaw, honestly i really bealive that 50cc is all you need for firewood...