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  1. S

    Husqvarna 455 Rancher woes. Won't start, smokes a lot.

    So my buddy smoked this saw originally by running straight gas in it (like a dummy) and blew up the crank bearings and part of the bottom of the piston. He got a quote for a repair and which made him *pucker*, so then he just gave it to me because I love tearing things apart. So I pulled it...
  2. Artemis

    First Port Job - Husqvarna 365 Build

    Hey guys, it's been a while since I've posted here, but I'm back! I've acquired a 1997 365xp from my In-laws for $200. It's in rough shape but I thought it's the perfect saw to finally experiment on and do a full port job. I'm hoping some of you more experienced porters can chime in and give...
  3. Paul Silvestri

    SOLD!!!! Husqvarna 372XP OE (DUCE) built

    Very nice 372xp oe @Duce built saw with maybe 2 tanks run on it. Got it in April and have since added brand new oem low top cover and oem side cover. two sets of felling spikes as well. large and standard size. large are oem and standard are aftermarket. Price is $500 plus shipping, Shipping...
  4. N

    Tuning a new husky help!

    Hey fellas, I opened up my new 445e muffler a little bit (drilled Two 1/4 inch holes and removed spark arrestor) I have the tool to adjust the carb. I believe I have it four stroking and it cleans up well in the cut. After a few hard hours the plug looks pretty lean, if I back the H screw out...
  5. S

    Husqvarna 565 intake crack

    I bought a 565 today and while looking it over i noticed quiet a large crack in the intake boot. Hope you can see the crack in the photos, how many of you have seen this on brand new saws?
  6. S

    Husqvarna 565 intake boot crack

    I bought a 565 today and while looking it over i noticed quiet a large crack in the intake boot. Hope you can see the crack in the photos, how many of you have seen this on brand new saws?
  7. E

    357XP Replace cylinder or just piston? (Pics)

    This is the second time this has happened to me on this saw. The first time my dad put straight gas in it. It looks similar and I used acid and sandpaper to clean the inside of the cylinder and just added a new piston. It wasn't perfect but it looked pretty good. I am wondering if this...
  8. L

    Oil confusion!

    As a newb, I’m insanely confused with all of the “oil” options out there. I have a Husky 440. As for fuel, I’ve been using a store bought pre-mix (I’m ordering Husky brand pre-mix just to be safe). I recently bought Husky brand bar and chain oil. HOWEVER, the small print on the back scared...
  9. quattro90

    SOLD!!!! MMWS Jonsered 2253

    FS Jonsered 2253 with the MMWS treatment. The saw has less than 1 hr of runtime according to the dealer who updated the carb software in Sping 2019.if you’re not aware of this model it’s identical to the 550xp MK1 but just in red. $750 Shipped Paypal F&F to your door if you live in EST, CST, or...
  10. J

    Bought a secondhand 372XPG

    I just closed a deal for €110 for a second hand husqvarna 372XPG. Is it easy to work on? It looks like it's been neglected for the past few years, probably needs some attention. I know how to do th basic things to a saw, carb, spark plug, cleaning muffler etc... Any tips? Thanks in advance, Jan
  11. M

    Husqvarna 55 Rancher bogs down in cut

    2004 Husqvarna 55 Rancher, big loss of power in cut, RPMs drop. Chain sharp, tension adjusted. Fresh fuel. No smoke. Figured I had the carb. mixture mis-adjusted, I riched out the H screw a little at a time to about 2 turns out from seated. I removed mixture screw limiters a couple carb...
  12. Bama Raised

    Husqvarna 350 Base Gasket Material

    I am interested in making my own base gaskets for a couple of Husky 350's that I am rebuilding. What would be an appropriate gasket material for that? Thanks in advance!
  13. Everett Phillipston

    Husqvarna 61 mind blown

    I have spark, I have fuel. I have 130lbs compression with just 3 pulls. I have gapped and I regapped and regapped the coil/flywheel... Mind you, I have good blue spark when I put the plug in the boot and ground it on the cylinder head. Put the plug back in and try to start it I get nothing. I...
  14. Everett Phillipston

    Husqvarna 61 chainbrake assembly

    Anyone feel like chiming in here about any tricks to get this back together? The mechanism is extremely stiff and I can’t get the brake to pivot as soon as I put the cam pin in. I’ve searched for videos online and found one about a 55 but it’s not the same. This is a circa 89/90 era saw. I had...
  15. BonScott46

    Logger Down-Helping costs you nothing.

    Hi guys, I saw yesterday on FB that Patrick Lacey had an unfortunate run in with a dirty rotten snag on the job and is currently laid up. From the sound of it it was pretty bad. He is not looking for donations so I figured I would take a cue from his buddy that posted on FB and try to get as...
  16. Huskyfan88

    SOLD!!!! Husqvarna 254xp

    Clean Husqvarna 254xp, Runs good. Piston and cyl are clean. Comes with bar and chain pictured. Saw is NJ for pickup or can ship pretty reasonably. Asking $400
  17. jrwied

    Here’s a thought. 372 or anything else you don’t mind drilling holes in.

    Maybe keep engine cooler n combusting better. I know most cutters live in a cooler climate. But in a hot environment? How can extra cooling be a bad thing. Especially on a completely closed air box, with an engine I expect to perform n create heat. I might go a bit bigger hole n line the...
  18. T

    Was wanting to port my 2011 model 346xp

    Title pretty much sums it up and I've done the research on HOW to do it. Still probably going to get stuck lol. I was wondering who out of you have handled a ported 346xp, I mean out of the box the engines rpms mac out at 14,500 which is already insane. Curious on your thoughts on the project...
  19. huskyslinger

    SOLD!!!! 372xp

    New crank bearings, gaskets, seals, oem piston, rings. Runs and oils as it should. It does have some blemishes but should be a good runner. Would like $375.00 shipped to you.
  20. Matthew Steingass

    First post! First chainsaw rebuild! 372xp

    Hey guys. I'm Matt. I've been working for a trail crew in Utah and enjoy the saw work immensely. It has given me the spark to finally try to get this saw running. I got it for free from a ski resort firewood crew and was told main bearing was bad. The further I got into the saw the more problems...