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impulse line

  1. B

    Stihl 041 TuneUp

    My 041 AV has served me well over the years and its been maintained it since new and is in better shape than most. I have not had to use it for five years and am getting ready to sell it. While it starts it did start, it ran rich, rough and stopped. Also found that the oil pump seals need...
  2. Daniel Duffy

    Chainsaw that dies when throttle applied - impulse line?

    Hi all. I'm so glad I've found this forum. Been fighting a problem with my saw for months and have been too stubborn to pay a shop to fix it when I know the answer's out there and I enjoy hands-on work. Here's the situation. Have an Echo CS-400 saw that I've used only a couple of hours a...
  3. M

    Husqvarna 365 Fuel Line

    Can anyone tell me the inside and outside diameter of the fuel line for a Husqvarna 365? Mine have started to split causing fuel starvation issues and rather than swap for another OEM part I am planning to buy a reel of Tygon hose as I have 4 older huskys that would benefit from a replacement...
  4. F

    Quick impulse line question

    Hi all, I'm chasing what I'm sure is an air leak somewhere in my MS361 (erratic behavior I cannot eliminate via carb adjustments), and I don't have easy access to a compression and/or vac tester, so before I retrieve said tools and tear it down to check the oil seals, piston, rings, etc., I was...