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  1. Overkill338

    MS500i vs MS462C

    Talk about holding all my dreams!
  2. Overkill338

    Video of a MS500i

    It's the first one I have seen of the 500i running.
  3. J

    DIY Trunk Injection- Suggestions/Help Needed

    Hey all- So I have quite a few trees in need of macro trunk injections but only have enough kits to do two at a time. Some days injections take longer than others but I’m always still waiting for one to finish before I can start the next. The prices on the kits that I have and the number of...
  4. D

    Arborjet Tree Injection Time

    I've seen many posts with price per DBH using (mostly) Tree Age. Being a newbie to ArborJet, please share how you calculate your time per DBH. I know what my cost is for the product and I know what my company's labor rate is. What I haven't been able to figure is how to determine how much time...
  5. Kensie1988

    Sachs Dolmar Injector Carburetors

    After reading Mr. Marks post and learning a little bit about the Sachs injector carbs it got me wondering how exactly it works, does anyone have any literature or can break it down and explain it to me, that way if I ever need to make repairs on mine I know what going on internally.