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  1. LesPro

    Jonsereds 49sp leaking fuel & oil

    Anyone in the know want to comment please? I have it torn down to this point (see photos) ultimately I need to get to the fuel reservoir to inspect and possibly repair/replace gasket as it is leaking just sitting on a table. This is the primary reason for teardown. Also going to rebuild carb...
  2. G

    Want to Sell Jonsered 90

    Hello, I’ve been following the site for a while but just became a member recently. I have a few vintage saws that I will be selling starting with this Jonsered 90. The saw starts and runs and is mostly complete. I know I’m missing the spark plug boot and perhaps something else minor like that...
  3. spratsprat

    Jonsered 451E Piston Replacement

    For all of you guys looking for a Jonsered 451e 451EV piston, I have found a replacement, there is a catch however. The piston I am referring to is the piston/rings from a Husqvarna 345/346 https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F191483318983. Same bore...
  4. Kensie1988

    Want to Sell Various Chainsaws for sale

    Red - Pending payment/Sold Blue - Pending (Someone asked for shipping but hasn't committed) I have a few chainsaws I would like to get rid of. I have my eye on a saw I would like to purchase so I am trying to liquidate some of my collection I don't use anymore. All of the prices listed below...
  5. A

    920 jonsereds carb needed

    I have been rebuilding a Jonsereds 920 chainsaw...got everything finished but I need a carb...I read it took a Tillotson HS219B ...but it's no longer available...tried to see if walbro made one to interchange no luck there... Has anyone tried to adapt a different series Tillotson or know of an...
  6. N

    Jonsereds 52e

    I'm looking for information or opinions on an old Jonsereds 52e. Anybody know what it's worth if I can get it running?
  7. Kensie1988

    Want to Sell 3 Jonsered 70E saws (No Spark)

    I have 3 70E saws I have collected to try and make one run. Which I was successful and then the first time I really ran the Saw the module went out on me, so I would just like to get out from under it and get some of my money back. I will post pics of the 3rd Saw when I get a chance. I would...
  8. Kensie1988

    Want to buy 70E Flywheel Fan and Muffler

    I had some unfortunate luck with my new flywheel fan, it got shredded because I didn't tighten the flywheel but enough, and the part Saw didn't have a good muffler either, so if anyone has any spares I could really use them!
  9. LesPro

    Jonsereds 49sp manual

    Hello, Would anyone know where I can find a repair and maintenance manual for a Jonsereds 49sp ? Hard copy or PDF file, I'm not picky. The sprocket will need to be replaced soon. I won't start that project without some sort of manual. Also, Is the best/only place to purchase parts like that on...