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log splitter

  1. V

    Champion 27 ton Issues/questions

    Hello, I have been doing some research and can not find any answers. I bought a fairly new 27 ton champion log splitter. I was using it for a few hours and then one of the hydraulic hoses shot off. This happened two more time. I removed the hose clamp, and added two new ones and have not had...
  2. N

    SOLD!!!! Log Splitter Issues

    I didn't want to post to an old thread, so I'm starting a new one. I have a TroyBilt 27T log splitter (24BF572B766). I think it's a 2008. I use it every year and split probably 5 cords, not a lot of work. A couple weeks ago, I got about 80% of a fir tree split and the last dozen rounds or so...
  3. 0

    Building a log splitter with a vertical shaft questions

    I have a mower I rebuilt a while back just to keep as a spare on From a walk behind mower. It’s a Kohler command pro 18hp CV493. I plan on running 28GPM 2 stage pump 4” cylinder 2” rod 24” stroke. With a log lift and hydraulic 4-way wedge. I have search the forums and I can’t seem to find...
  4. J

    Log Splitter Inconsistent pressure issue

    Hi All I am looking for some help on a log splitter issue I have. I tried searching, but could not find someone who described a similar issue of inconsistent performance. I have a 18 ton log splitter (4" bore @ 3000psi) with a 2 stage hydraulic pump driven by a 3-hp 1800rpm electric motor...
  5. Joseph Hillenmeyer

    Log Splitter Pauses before Splitting??

    Hello, New to the site so I hope this is the right place for this question. And I apologize for the length. I've been heating with wood for a while but am somewhat new to owning a wood splitter.. I've rented before when I had a large quantity and finally bought a used MTD 21-ton splitter this...
  6. TysonH

    Want to Sell Homebuilt log splitter 6" cylinder/14hp

    Selling a huge log splitter. This is a very well built unit. The head was removed and cylinder evaluated all was well the head was bead blasted and new grade 8 head bolts installed. It can accommodate 20"-24" wood depending if you add or remove the block extension. The cylinder measures 6" x...
  7. Tree_Frog

    CountyLine 30 ton log splitter

    Anyone have any experience with the new generation of TSC’s CountyLine splitters, specifically the 30 ton model? The prior generation was made by SpeeCo, but the new ones are different. I’m hoping I can snag one of these soon, if the price is right...
  8. Austin Roberts

    Introducing the LogOX 3-in-1 Forestry MultiTool

    We’ve combined three essential forestry tools into one innovative back-saving design, creating the ultimate chainsaw, portable sawmill, and log splitter assistant. The LogOX 3-in-1 Forestry MultiTool Set combines: 1. Log Hauler: This patented design saves your back from the strain caused by...
  9. T. Mainus

    SOLD!!!! Timberwolf TW-5 with Autocycle

    We have upgraded our equipment and have this great Timberwolf log splitter for sale now because it just doesn't get used anymore. This is a TW-5 log splitter from Timberwolf. This is a commercial grade splitter capable of splitting over a cord of wood an hour. Comes with a hydraulic log lift...
  10. Big-Cigar

    Troy-Bilt 27-Ton 160cc Log Splitter Repair

    not sure where to post this: I have the Troy-Bilt 27-Ton 160cc Log Splitter and it has been working great. Except the auto stop on the retraction of the ram does not work. The handle has to be released manually. Can I fix that or do I need a whole new hydraulic control unit. Any thoughts...
  11. wireedm

    Homemade Box-Wedge Log Splitter Design

    Trying out my new homemade box-wedge log splitter design on some white oak. I used my older Northern Tool 22 ton splitter as the base. It's stock except for a Harbor Freight 6.5hp engine.
  12. B

    Problem : MTD 25 ton splitter 4 second delay to second stage

    Thanks in advance. machine in great shape and not a lot of time. New oil, filters etc. ag32w oil. the problem is there is a delay of 4 seconds when driving head into split. it goes through wood no problem after waiting the 4 seconds. Also, at full return the handle takes the same 4...
  13. R

    Masport 7 ton log splitter... stuck hydraulic 'button'!

    I hope someone can help... I have a Masport 7 ton electric log splitter. It hasn't been used for a couple of years and has had little use before that. I believe it was working fine when last used. The button which gets pushed in by the fast/slow lever is stuck in which means that when the green...
  14. E

    Hydraulic Tank - return filter

    Hello y'all, I'm in the process of rebuilding an old log splitter, a brute if I must say so myself, and need to replace the oil tank because the axel fluid capacity us WAY too small. I am looking at a 12 gallon aluminum one that will sit on the axel and feed the inlet to the 11GPM pump. My...