1. H

    Chainsaw Drive Link Question | Packaging

    Morning. I bought a new Husqvarna chain at Lowes for my Husqvarna 460 Rancher (no Oregon chains for 20"), which has an Oregon AdvanceCut bar 200SFHK095 on the 460 Rancher. 20" / 50cm bar 3/8 pitch .050 gauge My question is about the Husqvarna chain packaging for the 20" chain, which states...
  2. Joshua anderson

    Brush bandit 250xp with jd 4045 no start

    Have a 250xp my dad bought new in 2001 im trying to start. We ran it a little over a year ago everything was fine now i just put a new battery in it and can not get it to do anything. Ive checked the plug on the disk compartment along with every other connection at the panel ive got power...
  3. B

    Want to Sell Stihl EDT-7 New in Box.

    Have a new in box EDT-7 Tach for sale. We were going to be doing our own saw maintenance and ended up always sending our stuff out to our local shop for faster turnaround. This should go to a good home. 100 USD
  4. MiloFrance

    Homelite XL2 parts

    Evening all (well it is here at least) Without even looking at the innards of the latest arrival in may garage (see also the "You suck 2018" thread) I need some parts for it. Is there a trusted seller that might send to France at a decent rate as well as having the stock? I've found a couple on...
  5. Bedford T

    Stihl FS130 Maintenance

    Anyone decarbonized their trimmer? I did mine for the first time and quite a bit of dark came out. The top of the piston was remarkably clean after the second application. I allowed both applications to dwell about 1.5 hrs. Then I adjusted the valves which were loose rather than tight. Just a...
  6. rudydose

    Sharpening feed wheels.

    Hi there. I have a 2005 bandit 90xp and I feel like it just doesn't pull like it should. I have done a lot of research and asked a lot of guys and they all suggest sharpening my feed wheels. Anyone have and words of advice or know I how I go about doing this
  7. ToMang07

    Stihl 046 Magnum: Mods and Maintenance?

    Just picked up a Stihl 046 Mag, no history on the saw. (It was Pawned) It's in good shape, a little used, but not terrible, and for the price, it was in MUCH better shape than the others I had the opportunity to buy. So....what should I do before I run it? I already have a new 20" bar/chain...
  8. Hexa Fox

    Sharpening Chainsaw Chains

    Hey guys I have seen similar topics posted elsewhere, but for the sake of being spot on and getting tips I am creating my own post. I recently bought a really nice Oregon 620-120 Grinder with the tripod stand. Thus far all it has accomplished is looking pretty in my basement. I regret this...