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  1. M

    Titan 57 - no hot starts

    Hi, I've got a Mcculloch Titan 57 that I like for light milling, but it absolutely will not start again once hot. I'm thinking possibly a bad coil, as I've gone through the carb (and fuel lines), and it does not seem to be running rich. I've been unable to find a replacement coil. Thoughts...
  2. Armbru84

    SOLD!!!! Mint Mac 797

    Looking to sell my mint Mcculloch 797. It was re a few years back by Lee Harvey based on what I was told originally from the seller. I have ran a tank or so through the saw and it runs and oils as expected. Couple pcs of paint have chipped off around the bar studs as you can see in the pics. On...
  3. I

    McCulloch Flatback carb parts

    Hi all, New to the site so apologies if I'm posting in the wrong section... Been given a McCulloch 895 saw by a mate to get going and need a carby kit - diaphragm and the other part with the reed valves - and a needle valve spring. Happy to post pictures if required. Maybe some other parts once...
  4. P

    McCulloch 35 two questions

    What kind for lubrication should go in the gear case ? I found a reference that 0 .18 pint is its capacity, but I do not know what lubrication to use in the transmission. Also, there is an hole in the housing at the rear of the saw ( see photo). The opening provides access to a threaded opening...
  5. F

    mcculloch power mac 320, What do these do?

  6. S

    Want to buy McCulloch super 44a

    Hello all im looking for parts for my super 44a chainsaw i believe its a mid 1959 model it runs awsome if i pump fuel into the carb great 20 dollar score but i need a upper gas tank top woth airbox lid and a air filter if anyone has one the boy wants to see me run it real bad and i have a few 6...
  7. MattLinq

    McCulloch Identification

    I have two McCulloch chainsaws that are both gear drive and I do not know what model they are, I would really appreciate some help with the identification of these saws!
  8. Armbru84

    SOLD!!!! Mcculloch CP125

    Have a nice 125 for sale. Has a SP Filter cover as you can see but it’s a CP. was rebuilt 4-5 tanks ago. New parts O’Ring for the fuel cap and also a carb kit Muffler Seals Hose springs Clutch and drum. Recently relapped the end of crank and inside of the clutch so they mate perfectly. Rod...
  9. K

    SOLD!!!! McCulloch Super 797

    Selling my running/cutting Super 797. PM if interested.
  10. Huskyfan88

    SOLD!!!! Mcculloch 1-70

    Amazing Condition saw, I believe it's a 1969 Model. Runs good. I bought it a package deal to get a different 2nd saw, I'm a collector and this one does not fit into my orange collection. Needs a good home. $375 Saw is in NJ and can ship in continental USA pretty reasonably.
  11. J

    McCulloch Chainsaws parts?

    Hey guys, new to this site. I'm hoping to learn some valuable information from knowledgeable people. Anyway I have 3 McCulloch Chainsaws and my dad has 2. Pro Mac 55 (2) , Pro Mac 10-10, and Pro Mac 10-10s (2) . I was wondering the best place to find parts. My dad has a 10-10 s that needs a new...
  12. D

    McCulloch BP-399T up for sale.

    G'day fellas. It's Bob Cornwell's Son, David Cornwell here. I am posting my Sister's snow-mobile engine for sale on her behalf, as I know more about it and about the general topic of mcculloch engines. The gist of it is this. My sister wants to auction it, but the fees on ebay would cripple her...
  13. Aaron Rybicki

    Northern Michigan tree identification

    Right now, I'm pretty amateur at identifying different types of trees and as it is Early Spring here in Northern Michigan, it is hard to identify tree types by their leaves, because there are none.. So I resort to identifying trees by their bark. From what I've seen - to me, this looks like some...
  14. Supercharged86

    SOLD!!!! McCulloch PM610 PRO MAC 610, 16" bar, good runner.

    Hello Friends, For sale here is fairly nice and clean 1980's Pro Mac 610. It has a new fuel line and filter, 16" sprocket nose bar, pretty nice 3/8" chain and rim sprocket clutch drum. Automatic, manual oilers and chain brake work as they should. This saw pulls a very impressive 187 psi...
  15. Aaron Rybicki

    Want to buy SP125 Intake Connector #69889

    I know this is probably a stretch due to the scarceness of parts but I'm gonna try my chances. I do believe the correct part number is #69889.
  16. J

    Want to buy Mcculloch saw

    Looking for older mccullochs along these lines 10-10 Super pro Pro Mac 7-10
  17. Aaron Rybicki

    Why do you choose McCulloch?

    What draws people to McCulloch saws? I've ran Homelite, Poulan, Stihl, Lombard (Knock Off), etc, and so on, but nothing matches the experience that McCulloch gives. For me, especially, it's the 10-10 series. With the double louvered muffler.... It is louder than all hell. I love it. I can...
  18. FLchainsawJoe

    Want to buy American muscle saws wanted

    Have owned many muscle saws but still no American made ones. Interested in saws from the 70/80s. Mcculloch 797 and CP/SP125 or Homelites like the 650/750. No gear drive though. Looking for speed in wood. Let me know what you have? Thanks.
  19. Aaron Rybicki

    Dynamark 39 CC Chainsaw??

    This is my brother in law's saw. It is a Dynamark 39CC saw. Not a whole lot of information on similar saws anywhere. I've seen in other threads that this saw is basically a rebadged Lombard saw. Anyone have any info on approximate year or bar mount? I thought I seen somewhere that it was A061...
  20. Aaron Rybicki

    Any Saw Collectors up Michigan way?

    Just wondering if there are any chainsaw collectors around my neck of the woods. I'm up in Manistee County, MI. I'm starting a collection myself. Mostly 70s Macs. I can't be the only one around here with the Yellow Fever. But if you collect any type and live nearby, gimmie a shout.