1. Ashland23

    Ms361 porting

    Hey everyone! First time chiming in here. I love the forums by the way! So I’m planning on doing a port job on my ms361. Just wondering if anyone has some good numbers to start with or any ideas to go off? Not planning on anything super crazy. Maybe just a good woods port or just a tad more than...
  2. Aripper

    MS391 muffler compatibility

    Seems the 391 gets the cold shoulder a lot since it’s just a home owner saw. But I did a muffler mod, my way and did not like it, so I was looking for a replacement. Found one one ebay for about $45, nah.... So I started to dig through IPL’s on the 311 and 362 but I stopped short and thought I...
  3. muad

    Want to buy MS361 coil

    Looking for an OEM coil for my MS361 as a backup. Shoot me a price shipped to 43420 please. Blessings,
  4. HomeSteed

    Stumped (pun intended) stihl ms361

    I figure one of you "AS" geniuses have to know this one. Because I'm stumped. I am trying to figure out if the ms361 shared any parts with the 036 or if I have some sort of Frankensaw situation going on. A few months back, I had finished rebuilding my trusty old ms361 that was the first new saw...
  5. W321shark

    SOLD!!!! Felling dogs for MS261, MS361

    thought they would fit the 036 but they don’t sit flush on my saw. Used once. Hardware included. $10 plus shipping for the pair. Stock photo attached as well as my photos to the seller trying to return them, but I was denieddd.
  6. Rick Stephens

    Modding a Huztl MS361- carb problem

    Hi ya all. Been reading for quite a while, decided to join and post. I bought a MS361 kit and a couple extra cylinder kits to try my hand at porting and modding without spending Stihl dollars. All just for the fun of it! I'm on about my fourth iteration of top end builds, and I gotta say I love...
  7. F

    MS361 Loose Muffler

    Hi. I’m a newbie and have a MS361 and the muffler started to rattle. How do I take it apart and secure it? What tools will I need? Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Boone-ao

    Huztl ms361 Hux

    I've been searching for the answer to this but to no avail, so here it goes. Just finished building an ms361 with the big bore kit, mostly just for fun. I know these are not the best thing out there so please don't just tell me huztl is crap, I am aware.... Got it started and turned it until...
  9. M

    MS361 chain oiling problem

    Is there supposed to be a gasket between this plate and the saw body (see picture)? I've picked up a used MS361 for $100 that was not pumping oil. I just put a new oil pump and gear in it and now it's pumping oil, but the oil isn't getting to the chain. If I run it for a minute or so, the...
  10. M

    Chain/bar temperature, non-sprocket bar -Sthil MS361

    This is my first saw with a non-sprocket bar and the bar and chain get really hot (too hot to touch) after just 10-20 seconds of light revving with no load. By feel, the heat seems most concentrated near the tip of the bar. Is this normal for a non-sprocket bar? My previous saws (inexpensive...
  11. M

    Chain/bar temperature, non-sprocket bar -Sthil MS361

    Edit --> Moderator please delete, moved to chainsaw forum.
  12. Armbru84

    SOLD!!!! MS361 Parts Saw

    Have a 361 saw I am looking to part with. Saw was running up to this morning but had an issue with the carb and once I tore it down decided to just sell it as parts. I do have a ported cylinder, piston, and carb if the buyer wants but they will need a little work. Can work it out if interested...
  13. BonScott46

    ms361 muffler mod

    If you ain't done it already, do it. All I did was gill the side, four 3cm long cuts and opened them up. Hory sheet what a difference. Can't imagine what this thing would be like with a base gasket delete and a popup...
  14. Kensie1988

    SOLD!!!! MS361

    Low hour 361, it had a lean run condition that I fixed by replacing the fuel line, I’m assuming it was run like that for awhile because the piston was roached, I put a new OEM piston in, the cylinder had some marks showing, but I couldn’t hang a nail or anything on it, so I started with 300 grit...
  15. Kensie1988

    MS 361 Rebuild Help

    I'm rebuilding a MS 361, I ordered a Tecomec Piston and cylinder kit that I will be using for the build, it is Nikasil plated and made in Italy like Meteor, and I know tecomec used to make OEM cylinders for Husky (or maybe it was just heresay). I have already pulled the cylinder to check if it...
  16. Kensie1988

    SOLD!!!! Low Hour MS361

    I'm going to pick this Saw up here locally tomorrow, but I really don't need it so I was seeing if there is interest here, but it looks really low hour, I will update the pics when it's in hand, but it can go to someone who can use it for $475 shipped
  17. Mr. Piste

    Crankcase scratched around crank seal fitting

    Hey, everyone! I brought my saw (Stihl MS361) into the local Stihl dealer today in order to get the flywheel side crank seal pulled (I tried all kinds of methods on my own, but was afraid of scratching the crankcase), thinking it was a safer bet to have them do the work than my novice self. To...
  18. K

    Want to Sell Stihl ms361 origanal less than 3 tanks

    Up for sale is my stihl ms361 in Hawaii and no longer have use for it it is like new always in the case 580.00 takes it
  19. K

    Want to Sell Stihl ms361 almost new less than 5 uses

    Saw comes with carry. Cas it's like new condition all original saw was hardly used at all minor scratches to bottom of saw where it sat in case and ground . Was stored with empty tank just taken out put gas and started second pull! 600.00 takes it go! Includes carry case and bar tool
  20. avastihl

    SOLD!!!! Sold

    New in box. 950.00 plus shipping. Have 261c arctic coming next week. I bought two 362c and two 261c arctic models. Going to sale one of each model . Both are new design.