1. X

    Stihl ms362 carb settings

    Recently cleaned up a Stihl ms362 that the previous owner was throwing out. They said it didn’t run right. They turned all the carb adjustment screws randomly and I can’t seem to get the chainsaw to run. It’s getting spark, fuel and air, but I’m guessing the idle jet , high speed jet and the...
  2. Aripper

    MS391 muffler compatibility

    Seems the 391 gets the cold shoulder a lot since it’s just a home owner saw. But I did a muffler mod, my way and did not like it, so I was looking for a replacement. Found one one ebay for about $45, nah.... So I started to dig through IPL’s on the 311 and 362 but I stopped short and thought I...
  3. J

    Want to buy Stihl

    I am looking to buy another saw. I am looking for a MS261, MS271, MS291, MS311, MS362, Or MS391.
  4. Mr70ss

    My first Stihl MS362-CM

    Well I pulled the trigger on my first Stihl, a MS362-CM. Just wanted to give a nod to everyone who posts here. There is a real wealth of information (too much at times) to help a novice like me. After doing some research I wanted to pickup an extra bar (Tsumura light 24") and run it with a...
  5. C

    New here with MS311 question

    Hello everyone! My name is Matt. I live in Florida and I'm with South Walton Fire, which is close to where Hurricane Michael just came through. We have a lot downed trees throughout the neighboring counties and a lot of them are 75+ year old pines. We send crews over daily to help with the clean...
  6. RobbyBoy32

    SOLD!!!! Found Stihl 044, Thanks A/S

    Long story short, I'm tired of my heavy 19 lbs. 60cc McCulloch and I've been shopping for a used(new to me) more lightweight "all around" saw for about two weeks. For once my wife says, "just hurry up and get one". Well I've narrowed down my choices to the following list of acceptable saws in...
  7. logeeland

    Stihl MS362 OEM Carb Hunt

    I am looking for a NEW OEM replacement carb for my MS362. Rebuilding it is not an issue. I can do it in my sleep but before doing it I wanted to see if someone had a new one lying around or could get one at a good price. The part number for the carb is 1140 120 0600.
  8. logeeland

    Looking for Info and Advice on MS361 and MS362 Felling Dawgs

    So I have the part #'s for the stock inner and outer felling dawg upgrades from Stihl for those 2 saws. Luckily they are the same part #'s. # 1135 664 0501 and # 1135 664 0500. I would like to stay stock for these to saws. Going much bigger would suck up too much bar on a 20" My local Stihl...
  9. G

    Stihl ms362 / ms362c Ignition Module

    Hello, I just got a 362c Stihl chainsaw with a 20" bar in a "fix r up" state for a cheap price. The ignition module does need to be replaced. Now, I know the offical part number is 1140 400 1302, but what I am wondering is if anyone knows (for a fact) if another non-oem / aftermarket ignition...