1. bigbeve


    So I was talking with a fellow last night, and it turns out he has a ms650 sitting around that needs a p/c. never got into price but i'm going to go look at it tonight. I don't know much about them other then what I have read here. There somewhere between a 640 and 660, but not held in as...
  2. Monkey_With_A_Chainsaw

    Want to buy MS650/660 OEM cylinder and piston

    I have an MS650 magnum with a scorched piston (and possibly the cylinder) that I’m working towards repairing. Looking for OEM parts to make it right.
  3. Rick Stephens

    Another build thread - Farmertech MS660

    I beg your forgiveness for starting another 660 build thread. I bought this box of parts during the members sale since it was so discounted. I really don't need another saw, Already have a couple 361s I am using to test various modification on. But you know how it is, CAD strikes where it will...
  4. Overkill338

    Want to Sell Hyway PopUp Cylinder Kit for MS660

    I found two of the 066/660 54mm popup kits under my wife's desk if anyone is interested. $60 shipped?
  5. Bedford T

    FarmerTec Holzfforma G660 Purple Monster

    Is this a mean purple machine or is it blue? I just got one last week. It is exactly the same as the kit just blue and without the opportunity to improve it. I see where the rotor still breaks. Do you disassemble it for preventive stuff or run it until its done? I could smell gas, maybe they...
  6. quattro90

    SOLD!!!! Stihl 066 MS660 1122 Cylinder

    FS: Stihl 066/MS660 1122 54mm cylinder "B" casting with decomp. Transfer was cleaned up but i found a few areas as seen in the pictures with pitting in the plating. I think it would make a great cylinder for a quick worksaw fix or port job experiments, or whatever else you think it can be used...
  7. hseII

    Want to Sell Mastermind Ported MS660

    Mastermind MS660 For Sale. Comes with either the stock felling Dawgs or the 4 Point Pro Safeties pictured. I like this Saw, but I don’t need 4- 90cc saws so this one is for sale. $900PHO + Shipping I’ve got a few bars & chains I can add if so desired.
  8. nighthunter

    SOLD!!!! Looking for a saw project

    looking for a 660/880 or 395/3120 project located in Ireland so shipping is a must , pm me any info Thanks
  9. D

    Hutzl ms660 case problem

    Hi all, great site and its a pleasure to be a member. Im having a problem with the case of my clone ms660 from hutzl, the inset in the case for the chain tensioner spur gear measures 15.7mm in diameter and the actual spur gear itself measures 16mm so it in no way what so ever will fit, has...
  10. sammer

    New 660 piston possible/probable issue

    Hi all, As the title suggests, I sent in my 660 to a chainsaw repair mechanic after the piston failed, probably due to over-revving. I usually do my own service work but was not in a position to on this occasion. The piston was clearly scored, grey and dry with seized rings in a manner...
  11. Bedford T

    One year Holzfforma Bar Wear

    Anybody have a Holzfforma chainsaw bar from Huztl that is losing paint? If you are had/have or were having problems with your oiler say something with you post. I have a pile of the Holzfforma bars and the rails look new and none of mine are losing paint but every stihl loses a little each...
  12. NPKenny

    Stihl 660 Brake too sensitive

    I am looking for the fix for a Stihl MS660 brake that engages too easily. The basic symptom is that it will occasionally engage during normal cutting. The brake handle has excessive play as well. Short of replacing the entire assembly, which components are the normal failure points? Thank you!
  13. hseII

    Want to Sell Stihl MS880

    Low Hour MS880 I took on trade towards another one. I swapped the Clutch Cover & Air filter with the one I traded. This is the Air Filter Cover: $1,100 shipped PHO. I have a couple bars & chains if wanted.
  14. Bedford T

    FarmerTec Huztl MS660 Updated Build Kit - Build Thread

    Its been a year since we started building these kit and we have come along way and FarmerTec have made significant improvements. So newcomers don't have to wade though 160 pages. Lets start from scratch. I will put a link in both to the other so if there is something that need to be found, it...
  15. Johnnybar

    Two 660's vs One 880 or 3120

    Fellas, I have some gargantuan Oaks to fell eventually (5'+ above the flare) and will be needing to slab them where they fall. I'm thinking with Huztl 660's being so nicely priced that a two powerhead 5'-6' cutting capacity bar might be the way to go vs an 880 or equivalent. That would be 14+...
  16. weimedog

    A simple but effective aftermarket parts saw build

    The build, been a while since I had messed with these, but for some reason there was an interest so I scrounged up the parts along with a piece or two I had to buy. Yet another iteration of those MS660 aftermarket builds. HAVE to say BOTH the Hyway and Cross just eat up an as delivered 54mm from...
  17. Johnnybar

    Join Me On My Huztl MS660 Kit Build Video Series With A Twist

    Join me on the popular Huztl MS660 kit build. To make things interesting, I plan to see how the build goes with the absolute minimum of tooling while using only common household appliances and kit components. Fingers crossed! Here's the first step....chill that crank.
  18. Johnnybar

    Norcalchainsaw are you out there?

    Does the ebay seller norcalchainsaw ever stop by the forum? I see he sells a steady stream of hybrid MS660's. Anyone know who he is so I can get in contact with him away from ebay?
  19. AgainstTheGrain1

    Another New Member Wanting to Say Hello...and other stuff

    Hello wonderful and insightful members of Arboristsite! I have lurked around this site for a short while now and am only recently getting pretty serious about chainsaws. I have read a lot of great information on here from all of you and it has gotten me out of, or rather avoided, some...
  20. Johnnybar

    I had a breakdown not a chainsaw more below!

    I broke down to AS peer pressure! Yes I blame all of you! :laugh: Just placed an order for a Huztl MS660 and a bunch of misc stuff including a 36" Holzfforma chainsaw mill on sale for $57.41 + s for the next 20 hrs or day+20 hrs. It states "1 DAY 20:04:32" as of now. Can't wait for it to...