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muffler mod

  1. Allar

    Dolmar PS-352 / Makita EA3601

    Hey friends, couple questions regarding the mentioned saw. Can i upgrade it to .325 ? How well does this saw respond to a muffler mod? I would most likely enlarge the existing outlet but not quite sure how much. What would be the meanest chain for that saw in 3/8 lp pitch? At some point this...
  2. quattro90

    SOLD!!!! Husqvarna 395xp

    FS a very good condition 2001 model Husqvarna 395xp PHO with mild port work and muffler mod. All OEM except muffler, Meteor piston, and Caber rings. OEM full wrap with West Coast kit and front case protector. $750 Shipped PayPal F&F to those in EST, CST, MST. If in PST or outside the continental...
  3. Everett Phillipston

    Want to buy modded muffler for 390xp

    looking for a modded muffler for my stock 390xp. the saw has absolutely nothing done to it and i'm really not looking to open it up, but i would like to get whatever small gains are available by going to a modded muffler done by one of you fellas who have done this for years and knows what your...
  4. Yotaismygame

    I ported the Echo 2511T & muffler mod info

    Finally decided to tackle the little echo saw. I really didn’t think much of the saw stock. Slow chain speed, wrong bar and chain setup when stock. Chattering was an issue. It worked fine for cutting small limbs when up in a tree but that’s about it. Here’s the muffler part There really isn’t...
  5. K

    Stihl 015 electronic conversion, strobe light timing?

    Picked up an 015 from my dad, he couldn't remember the history on it. Took it home, fueled it and no start, looked like no spark so I read, found and did the points to electronic conversion. Cleaned the air filter and threw a new plug in it also. Saw started on 5th or 7th pull and ran, cut...
  6. P

    Stihl MS390 Muffler Mod

    Hi All, A newb question on modding a muffler on an MS390... I've had the saw for while now and done a fair amount of cutting with it but could always use more power :) I've been reading some of the other posts about the muffler mods and want to give it a crack, but was thinking to buy an...
  7. BonScott46

    ms361 muffler mod

    If you ain't done it already, do it. All I did was gill the side, four 3cm long cuts and opened them up. Hory sheet what a difference. Can't imagine what this thing would be like with a base gasket delete and a popup...
  8. E

    Your opinion?

    What you think about my stihl 026?
  9. Team FAST

    Echo CS-341 Muffler Flow bench testing

    Howdy, Been a little while so I thought I would post today's shop fun. My trusty little Echo CS-341 was in need of some spring maintenance so I took the opportunity to upgrade the muffler. This saw came with a catalyst muffler which always has seemed restrictive. Turns out the CS-3400 saw...
  10. BonScott46

    044 muffler mod

    Not much of a thread but I am looking to mod my 044 muffler it has the divider with the 3 big holes, does it go to pry that out or does one need to cut it out? Also, behind the divider is a metal box with smaller holes surrounding the inlet to the muffler. Is it best to cut that out completely...
  11. 2

    Stihl 029 Super Muffler Mod and the Quality of Stihl

    I have a Stihl 029 Super that I bought new approximately 15 years ago. I have cut A LOT of wood with this saw. I've never cut the saw any slack. I've been threatening to do a muffler mod on it for a few years now and today I finally got around to doing it. I removed the limiters on the carb so...
  12. Johnnybar

    MS290 Muffler Mod...Dead Horse Gets Beat Again

    Guys, I've searched and found so many different versions of modding MS290 mufflers that I gave up on trying to figure out who was right. Some have opened up every restriction so much that there could not possibly be any back pressure and some haven't while all report "runs better than ever"...
  13. B

    Echo CS-530 muffler pics

    Anyone have any good pics of the muffler? Specifically is the cat central to the muffler like the cs-400, or is it offset like the cs-450? Is it easy to put a good muff mod on this one? Thanks.
  14. derrek_j

    echo 450p build MM and port

    Hello all, Long story short, I bought an Echo 450p and am using it to try my hand at modding a saw. This may be a little drawn out as I'm going to work on it as time allows. Initial plans are to record a baseline, muffler mod, base gasket delete, possibly cutting cylinder down, port and...
  15. Thomas Venditto

    MS361 questions

    Hey Gents, It's cold and rainin out so what should I do? Tear down my 361! I like to keep 'er clean. I want to do a muffler mod. I have a gas leak. After running, when the saw sits on it's side, fuel fill up. 1. I pulled the spark plug wire off and the plug boot came off the wire. I assume...
  16. Team FAST

    Echo CS-590 Timberwolf Muffler Mod - Flow bench Measurements

    I recently acquired an Echo CS-590 Timberwolf Chainsaw. As promised, I intend to measure the muffler on my flowbench and then measure the incremental improvements as a result of the common "muffler mod" alterations. Here's my saw. I purchased it last week at Home Depot. It was a "return"...
  17. Stovepipe

    Mill with p85?

    Checking on others perspectives when considering a p85 partner on a mill. Running factory fast chew'n ash with a 20" But.... 32". ??? Muffler mod? Thanks all
  18. bikemike

    Muffler or pipe for echo cs510

    I have a echo cs 510 slug n jug in great shape ran great and made good power. But the exhaust canister cracked around the mounting surface of the jug. In my opinion the old can is not worth fixing. I have 2 options in mind. Option 1. Buy a new or used stock muffler and do a muffler mod on it...
  19. VinceGU05

    how to louver a muffler.

    A few people have asked for a bit of a tutorial on louvers. So i have the perfect candidate. This Solo 667SP. So not every saw is a perfect candidate, so it is a selective thing. Not a great deal was going to help opening up the standard deflector and I might of been able to squeeze a...
  20. CoreyB

    I did my first muffler mod.

    Thanks to everyone here and all the great help and info I went ahead and done my first muffler mod. I didn't do a lot of recorded before and after videos. But I am very happy with the gains. The throttle response is snappier and it seems to be able to keep the rpm through the cut better. Not...