1. A

    “NOS” Homelite cylinder with Helicoils

    I recently came across a NOS Homelite SXL 925 cylinder and decided to grab it. I take it out of the box and couldn’t help but smile (been so long since I’ve seen a brand new SXL 925 cylinder). My smile quickly fades when I notice the muffler threads shining back at me with a reddish/ copper...
  2. S

    Want to Sell NOS 2008 372XP Sold Pending Funds

    New in the box w/20" .050 bar and chain and tool pack. Stored in climate controlled area since new buying back in 2009. $1050 PayPal plus shipping to your location. $1k plus shipping otherwise. NW Ohio pickup. Has been several years since posting on here so limited posts on this newer forum...
  3. Jon1212

    SOLD!!!! NOS McCulloch Roller nose, and Speed Tip bars.

    These are .063 gauge NOS Roller Nose bars. I have one 28" bar available. $120+ shipping, and one 24" bar available $95 +shipping to the Lower 48 States. 28" 404 .063 McCulloch labeled Windsor Speed Tip bar. I have one available $75 +shipping to the Lower 48 States.
  4. ktm1217

    Want to Sell NOS Husqvarna, Briggs and Stratton, and Some Dolmar/Makita Parts

    I have a bunch of NOS Husqvarna parts, Briggs and Stratton air filters, and some miscellaneous Makita and Dolmar parts. Everything is brand new and OEM, unless otherwise stated. I can ship anywhere in the US via USPS and have 100% feedback on ebay. If there's something you're interested in, or...
  5. joeblacky

    Brand new 044/440 to buy or not to buy

    Basically I need some help, I've been offered an 044/440 hybrid, built out of almost entirely brand new and all genuine Stihl parts. Here's the list: -Brand new 440 crank case, bearings, crankshaft and seals -Brand new 12mm non decomp 044 Stihl piston and cylinder -Brand new starter housing...
  6. Wilbah

    Found 2 Brand new NOS MS200 Rear handle saws at my local Stihl dealer

    Put what i had down in my pocket goin back next week to pick em up.... I'm pretty pumped about that!! I politely asked if i could get 1 of them with out ever having fuel in it for long term storage? He said No F'n Way!!
  7. Jon1212

    Want to Sell D176 16" and 24" guide bars.

    4X16" 3/8 050 60dl (D176) Oregon 3 rivet Guard Tip aka Banana Bar. $35/Shipped. 1X 24" 3/8 050 81dl (D176) Oregon 3 rivet Guard Tip aka Banana Bar. $55/Shipped. 1X 24" 3/8 050 81dl (D176) Oregon 3 rivet Power Match. $70/Shipped. All included shipping is to the Lower 48 States. I'll give a...
  8. K

    Want to buy New NOS Stihl parts lot

    Wanted- New NOS Stihl parts. I would prefer chainsaw parts HUGE boxes of them. But realistically will Buy whatever is available. Doesn't matter how large or small your stockpile is.