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oak tree

  1. Questions4rmCO

    Ongoing insecticide

    So we had a problem with IPS beetle or some type of oak tree killing borer beetle... it killed one of our old oak trees that was at the corner of our house this summer. Me being paranoid that the bugs were going to hatch and fly to near trees since we've had kind of a problem this summer I...
  2. T

    What's wrong with this Oak?

    Hoping the collective knowledge here can point me in the right direction. WeWhave a tree in our yard that i believe is a Shumard Oak. It looks fairly healthy with the exception of the leaves at the very very end of many branches are starting to curl up and shrivel (see pictures). The home was...
  3. B

    How to save a hollow trunk?

    I'd really like to save the remaining trunk of this mature red oak tree since it occupies an important location in front of my home. The tree previously had a double leader split at the base. The left trunk broke on it's own a decade or more ago. A broken stump about 4 or 5' high was left...
  4. J

    Big Red Oak That Needs to Come Down

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for some advice on a big Red Oak that needs to come down in my front yard. Below are some photos for reference. Circumference at chest height is 116", giving a diameter of about 37". My eyeballing for height is around 60-70 ft, and maybe 25ft to first intact lower limb...
  5. kelseyboy

    38 INCH RED OAK next to pretty new house

    OTHER VIEW this one was fun. :) my wife and the neighbor narrate. (the neighbor was viewing for insurance purposes he said) KBOY-