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oil pump

  1. WoodsliverDan

    Dolmar/makita 7900 oil mod

    I've got an idea to help the 7900 saws get a bit more oil on the chain, or at least make the adjuster screw last a little longer. Most have seen @jar944 oiler screw he turned out of 6160, but I realize that it is out of many people's resources. So, I plan to remove the end nub off of the plastic...
  2. M

    MS361 chain oiling problem

    Is there supposed to be a gasket between this plate and the saw body (see picture)? I've picked up a used MS361 for $100 that was not pumping oil. I just put a new oil pump and gear in it and now it's pumping oil, but the oil isn't getting to the chain. If I run it for a minute or so, the...
  3. J

    ryobi 4620 Where is the Oil Pump

    While cutting some firewood, I noticed the chain was getting hot, but didn't think too much about it... When I finished up and refilled the Gas, and I also noticed the chain oil was completely full. I have cleaned out the oil reservoir tank with gas and best I could cleaned out the bar...
  4. texican65

    Homelite 330 clutch & oiler question

    Hi guys! A few years ago, the janitor at work found this old saw in the trash and gave it to me. it was pretty rough looking, so I just put her in the dead pile in the garage and forgot about her. Recently, a friend a work asked if i had any decent saws for use around the house, he's a good...
  5. Jacob J.

    Want to buy Husqvarna 3120 oil pump

    Hey guys- I'm building up a saw for a buddy and need a 3120 oil pump. I have cash or trade. thanks!
  6. amarlow

    028 AV Super WoodBoss eq - oiler problem, service manual??

    Hello folks, This is my first post, and it turns out it's a long one. I've been a member here for a while, but just lurking, reading, learning. Now I find I am in need of help... and HOPEFULLY a couple of service manuals. I was looking for the infamous "beg for manuals" thread with the...
  7. Weltall

    Want to buy 395XP oil pump assembly

    Need an oil pump, worm gear, hoses, filter, the whole 9 yards. PayPal is all I got. Let me know how much shipped to 88061.