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  1. ry597

    Want to buy partner p500/5000/5000+ crankshaft threadsize & parts

    hello everyone! i have quite a few partners 500&5000 in my shop. im going to split the cases on most of them so i had the good idea to order a crank puller tool from a fellow youtuber. the only problem is that i do not know what kind of threads that are on the crankshaft. im almost positive that...
  2. Fackir

    Alpina Prof-45 parts

    Hy Guys. Buy this chaisaw last week for 20€ here in Portugal. He´s not running, need some "care" first. Were can i find parts for it? Need some decals, gaskets... Thanks
  3. H

    Pioneer P21 flywheel nut

    Hi friends, I am in the process of bringing an old P21 back to life. The threads on the flywheel nut are stripped away so it will need replacing. Anyone out there familiar with a part that will fit correctly? Nut size and thread pattern perhaps.. Any help greatly appreciated. Cheers!
  4. huskyslinger

    Want to buy JRED 2050 kill switch

    Like title says looking for a good used oem kill switch. There should be more models this can come off of but not sure off the top of my head
  5. huskyslinger

    Want to buy 603 Solo parts

    So looking for any and all spare parts for a 603 Solo. Looking because id like to buy the one posted here. Just want to restore it.
  6. Reggie

    Craftsman / Poulan Carb Part number confusion

    I have wasted a good bit of time trying to rebuild carbs for two 18" Craftsman Chainsaws. I have decided to start from scratch and buy new carb kits for both, but I have now learned the hard way that there seem to be a million different configs and part numbers out there. #1 is Craftsman Saw...
  7. huskyslinger

    SOLD!!!! EMERGENCY! 120si parts needed

    Looking for a 120si intake elbow? 6800i will work also. Broke mine and am needing one.
  8. Joshua Tabora

    Husqvarna 42 Special Parts Saw Value

    There's a posting on FB marketplace near me for a Husqvarna 42 Special, with no compression. I'm assuming the top end is blown, and a prior thread left the interchangeability of the 42 special/242 top end parts unclear. The seller wants $100, but the ad has been up for weeks so I'm going to...
  9. E

    Want to buy Stihl 010 , 011, 012 Oiler Diaphragm availability?

    If anyone is interested, I have found a manufacturer who would be able to make the Nitrile/ Nylon diaphragm part of the 010 - 012 oiler, Part No. 1120 640 3100. I'm hoping that it would be possible to re-use the metal pin and cups from worn out oiler assemblies but have yet to find time to put...
  10. Aaron Rybicki

    Want to buy SP125 Intake Connector #69889

    I know this is probably a stretch due to the scarceness of parts but I'm gonna try my chances. I do believe the correct part number is #69889.
  11. huskyslinger

    Want to buy Husky 385 xp air filter cover

    Also if someone has a hd air filter cover thats in good shape and has not changed colors would be great
  12. J

    Vintage parts saws, what are they worth?

    I'm a newbie when it comes to procuring parts for my newfound interest. The responsible side of me thinks that paying $100 for a vintage parts saw is too much. Sellers on ebay seem to think otherwise. Is there that much demand to justify the price? I guess the price is whatever one is willing to...
  13. Aaron Meyer

    Mystery Screw Stihl Wood Boss 028 AV

    I've been searching the forum all morning and found a huge amount of really useful information, but so far no answer to the question I came here looking for. Maybe someone can end my agony, haha. I was recently gifted a Stihl Wood Boss 028 AV that was leaking bar oil. So I tore it down and...
  14. M

    Parts for old circular saw mill?

    Hey guys, my father-in-law has a great old custom built circular saw mill. He used it to mill all the wood to build his house but hasn’t used it much in the past 5 years. He’s looking for a couple of plastic blade guides that will help stabilize the blade as it spins and not wobble or move...
  15. Bedford T

    Crappy Chinese Workmanship Explained

    cha不多 Aftermarket parts quality is not a mistake or oversight. I was reading an article from my favorite car site and they say this There’s a concept, an attitude, in Chinese culture, called “chabuduo.” An essay in Aeon describes it as cutting corners, getting something only 70 percent done...
  16. Jester3775

    Woodsman 730 Manuals ?

    Hi Guys, just upgraded from an old Vermeer 935 (Perkins engine) to a used Woodsman 730. Wow, I never ran a drum chipper before and I am super impressed ! My question to you all is if anyone has Owners, Parts or Repair manuals they would be willing to sell or share ? I was not able to get...
  17. Speciosa

    SOLD!!!! Stihl 066/660 Cylinder for hybrid

    Hey guys how goes it? Im looking for a 660 oem cylinder for my 064. Plan is to end up with a ported 064 hybrid. Just need a cylinder to start with. Love the saw just always want a little more power to pull a 404 chain. First post so please forgive any faux pas.
  18. Jeff Husky

    Want to buy WANTED! Husqvarna 2100 vented oil cap black

    I know I’m barking up that same old tree again but I have no options around here. I’m looking for a Husqvarna 2100 vented oil cap. Mine is cracked and it leaks. Even if someone had a cap that was missing the guts and gasket and chain I can re use mine. I just need the black plastic part. Willing...
  19. Bedford T

    FarmerTec MS200t What's in the Box

    I am posting this here so you can get a good look at the parts included in the kit. I briefly had a 020 topper. The video is clear enough on a good desktop for you to see the parts real well. I was unsure of the quality of the copy's handle because I have never handled a bare one. My 192t gave...
  20. Jeff Husky

    Need Husqvarna 298xp parts! Flywheel

    Hi everyone I picked up a Husqvarna 298xp the other night. It was missing a few pieces but it runs pretty good. I’m having recoil issues. It has the plastic recoil cover and two pawl starter dogs. It’s hanging up when I pull it over. The flywheel is totally chewed up and damaged. It works but...