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  1. J

    Certified Arborist for Sales or Supervision

    Florida Certified Arborist looking for sales or general foreman position. TRAQ qualified. Very knowledgeable in PHC - Arborjet, COBRA cabling, support systems, soil supplementation, hazard tree evaluation, etc. Will relocate for the right opportunity.
  2. G

    Chemicals used in PHC

    Hi, I was offered a job as a Plant Health Care tec. with Davey Tree in the Chicago region. I have a background in organic agriculture so I am new to the tree care industry. I want to take the position as I love working outdoors and learning about plant care. My main concern is how often I...
  3. Jason Douglas

    ONLA PHC Newsletter

    Myself and a friend will be taking over the Ohio Nursery and Landscape Association PEST Newsletter as Dr. Shetlar (The Bugdoc) is retiring after doing it for the past 25 years. We are changing the name to the ONLA PHC Newsletter and will now be covering diseases and abiotic disorders as well as...