1. K

    Is my pine tree sick?

    It's always losing a lot of needles. I've attached some photos. Not sure if I just need to fertilize or prune it, or if it's got some sort of pathogen eating away at it. Would appreciate any help!
  2. J

    Rope strangled pinus radiata - will it live?

    Hi folks, I have a Pinus Radiata about 3 years old and 14 feet high which has been strangled by a half inch rope. The trunk is 3 inches dia above the swollen strangled area. Its still looking good and green, and the rope was removed without too much damage, but what do you all think - will it...
  3. B

    Afghan Pine Problems

    I have 4 small Afghan pines, about 4ft tall, planted a few years ago. All of them are having issues with new growth. Advice is appreciated..
  4. Aaron Rybicki

    Northern Michigan tree identification

    Right now, I'm pretty amateur at identifying different types of trees and as it is Early Spring here in Northern Michigan, it is hard to identify tree types by their leaves, because there are none.. So I resort to identifying trees by their bark. From what I've seen - to me, this looks like some...
  5. Thunder Sheep

    Unhealthy Serbian Spruces?

    I bought three Serbian Spruces for my yard a few weeks back. They've got what looks to be plenty of new growth on them and from a distance the trees look fine. When you get up close though there are three potential problems I see and I'm wondering what the best fix is or if I need to do anything...
  6. Erinfuentes5214

    Opinions on this big tree?

    Forgive me for being totally clueless, but does this tree look sick? We have lived here a few years now and each year pine needles fall to the ground. I have never noticed how the tree progresses into winter but I recently read pines are supposed to be evergreen. Again, I have no knowledge of...
  7. G

    Want to buy Truckload softwoods / carve in KC MO

    Looking for truckload of green softwood devevired to Kansas City mo. Pine, spruce, fur. Etc Used for Chainsaw Carving so high quality is not necessary. Flexible on delevery date. Flexible on size range 11"-18" ish diameter.
  8. MrDave

    Cuts for back leaning trees. Split-level.

    There are a number of cuts to use for back-leaning trees, my preference is a split-level - what's yours?
  9. Toms&Co.

    Pine trimming - can't use spikes, sub par T.I.P.

    Any suggestions when they need a few dead branches off a pine that is otherwise healthy and you don't want to spike it up... maybe on top of that your tip isn't ideal or maybe you cant get an overhead tie in at all?