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  1. GusGus2020

    Want to Sell Pioneer P41

    Looking to sell a P41 - has good spark, rebuilt carb, full-wrap handlebar, light scoring at the top edge of the piston (exhaust side), ring in good shape. Runs, but carb needs some fine-tuning. Air filter cover in great shape. Let me know if you need more pictures. May be interested in trading...
  2. M

    New old stock Pioneer 3071 bar

    Hi everyone, just wondering if anyone has a list of the various part numbers for the original bars that fit a Pioneer 3071. I'm in the midst of a restoration and looking for a 18" bar with the original logo on it. Ideally new/old stock as the saw is for display. Thanks.
  3. M

    Pioneer bar numbers

    Hi everyone, I have an old Pioneer 3071 I am in the midst of restoring. Occasionally I see new/old stock ads come up on ebay with what look like never used bars with the old original Pioneer word/logo. Does anyone have a list of the original Pioneer bar part numbers that will fit the 3071...
  4. H

    Pioneer P21 flywheel nut

    Hi friends, I am in the process of bringing an old P21 back to life. The threads on the flywheel nut are stripped away so it will need replacing. Anyone out there familiar with a part that will fit correctly? Nut size and thread pattern perhaps.. Any help greatly appreciated. Cheers!
  5. R

    Want to Sell Pulan Vibe 3400 & Pioneer 1073

    Looking to sell Poulan Vibe 3400 and Pioneer 1073 Vibe runs good, New plug, fuel lines, sharpened, but tossed a chuck from the pulley. Pioneer has spark and good compression, fires but needs carb cleaned. PICKUP ONLY or meet and greet within 25 miles, If you are local to the Laurel Delaware...
  6. Woodslasher

    Want to Sell Vintage Homelite, Pioneer, and Monkey Wards chainsaws

    Up for sale are some of my extra chainsaws. I have a Pioneer Farmlite that has no spark for $100, and a Pioneer 550 for $50. All the saws are $50 each unless otherwise noted. There are 2 montgomery wards saws. The montgomery wards are $100 plus shipping. I also have various Homelite parts. I...
  7. Aaron Rybicki

    Any Saw Collectors up Michigan way?

    Just wondering if there are any chainsaw collectors around my neck of the woods. I'm up in Manistee County, MI. I'm starting a collection myself. Mostly 70s Macs. I can't be the only one around here with the Yellow Fever. But if you collect any type and live nearby, gimmie a shout.
  8. M

    Pioneer P45 Poulan Pro 455 Cylinder help needed

    I recently got a PP455 with a bad Piston and Cylinder. I have found a Cylinder that says its part number 5074766801 . The online vender has it listed to fit a pp405 or a pp455 witch can't be possible. since they are different bore diameters. I have asked the vender to measure the bore diameter...
  9. Matt Thompson

    Dad's P20 needs a modern upgrade

    Hey folks, I'm new here. How y'all doon', friends? Dad gave me his oil Pioneer P20 and granddad's 1072 Holiday II. The latter needs a primer bulb but the P20 has been cutting okay for firewood and old snags. I'd like to cut a bit better without modding the motor. So I'm thinking about getting...
  10. Y

    old 60s-70s chainsaw questions

    Hi i just joined this great site, allready learned a fair bit from it over the past couple days. Not sure if im posting in the right catigory so let me know. I just got a couple old school saws off craigslist 80$. From what i can gather thier both great reliable saws and im excide to get...
  11. Kensie1988

    SOLD!!!! Pioneer 650

    I would like to sell my Pioneer 650. It has the original bar and chain. I tried to get it running but couldnt. I dont think the sediment bowl was sealing well enough and pulling enough fuel. I dont know if it will even run anymore. The FM starter has been removed since I bought it and I no...
  12. C

    Looking for Pioneer 610 Top Cover

    I'm new on here and have no idea if I'm posting this request to the correct forum. I am looking for some parts for a Pioneer 610 for a buddy of mine who doesn't have the internet. He needs a top cover, a filter for inside the glass bowl, and an oval style Puralotor air filter. If I can't find a...
  13. J

    Looking to buy pioneer farmsaw

    I’m in the market for a pioneer farmsaw, circa 1980. To make a long story short, my father in law loaned me his and, being new to woodcutting, I sorta crushed it. It’s okay to laugh. I learned a lot... but now I’m trying to make it right. I know there are plenty of these saws out there...
  14. Mac&Homelite

    The Beg For Literature Thread

    Hello all! I am trying to emulate some of the other well known threads in where a person asks for literature about a saw mode, and someone posts material l that would go beyond the normal IPL, service & owners manual. I'm thinking of things like period pictures put out by the company, ads...
  15. Kensie1988

    Want to Sell IEL Model HC

    So Ken pulled this one an asked me to list it for him, it's an IEL Model HC, it's definitely got some wear, and the IEL badge is missing, it also has had a dent/hole repaired which can be seen in the photos, The Saw does fire on prime. He's looking to get $125 plus shipping. If you need better...
  16. RoverRebellion

    Pioneer P25/26/28 Flywheel nut needed to complete restoration.

    I am on the hunt for anyone who may have the Pioneer Left Hand Thread flywheel nut for a P25,26,28. Unfortunately the last person to work on this banged it up bad. Thank you kindly in advance.
  17. D

    Want to buy Pioneer P61

    Looking for a Pioneer P61 to round out my collection of P series pioneers, I don't care about condition as long as it's mostly complete. I'm located in Canada so please don't hold it against me if I turn down an offer from across the border, our dollar is pretty weak and shipping hurts too...
  18. njs22

    Pioneer Farmsaw Advice

    Hello all, I was lucky enough to pickup a pioneer farmsaw 1982 model I think( and a nice older homelite too, but that's the next project)by the side of the road the other day. Anyhow the Farmsaw won't start (of course) and I'd love to fix it up. It was pretty gummed up but after some careful...
  19. skunkinablunt

    Pioneer Partner 450

    i recently acquired a pioneer partner 450, in flawless running condition. i cannot find it anywhere online, and from what i have found... it is a very rare saw. can anyone tell me what its worth? also what year is this saw exactly. i know they were only made from 1964-1968. but what year is...
  20. Jacob J.

    Want to buy Pioneer P-35

    Hey Guys- I'm chasing a ghost of a saw- the Pioneer P-35. Apparently it was a prototype for a new model about the time OMC started winding down their chainsaw division. As a long-time Pioneer fan, I'd love to see one of these in person. I'll gladly buy or trade for one. thanks.