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  1. Ashland23

    Ms361 porting

    Hey everyone! First time chiming in here. I love the forums by the way! So I’m planning on doing a port job on my ms361. Just wondering if anyone has some good numbers to start with or any ideas to go off? Not planning on anything super crazy. Maybe just a good woods port or just a tad more than...
  2. huskyslinger

    Porting a JRed 670 (little help please)

    Hello to all, so I acquired a Jonsered 630 that came with a 670 top end. someone had started the work and give up, quit or was just a little in over their head. This is what I have so far; Squish is .024"/.025" Ex 102 Trans 123 In 74 The exhaust and transfer numbers were...
  3. P

    Can this program be used to calculate timing duration for chainsaw engine?

    Does anyone use computer program for calculate port timing durations for chainsaw engines? "Rexxys mopedprogram" works great for 2-stroke engines with expansion chamber exhaust. Can it also be used for engines with "back pressure exhaust" ? Here i inserted numbers for Husqvarna 254, year: 87
  4. T

    Was wanting to port my 2011 model 346xp

    Title pretty much sums it up and I've done the research on HOW to do it. Still probably going to get stuck lol. I was wondering who out of you have handled a ported 346xp, I mean out of the box the engines rpms mac out at 14,500 which is already insane. Curious on your thoughts on the project...
  5. WoodChip333

    Stihl 044 10mm c&p pics and numbers need advice!!!

    Hey all, I am a newb on here, but wait before you slam me with the filter and muff mod stuff. I bought a early 10mm stihl 044, its a 120's serial number. Compression is 125psi so I pulled it apart to have a look. Lots of nasty piston skirt scoring and scratches. Base gasket measures 0.040" which...
  6. Sawsmith

    modding 480CD?

    HI all, first post for me here although been lurking for some time. I have a very low hours 480CD that I use for occasional milling- mostly canting larger trees in the woods that i cant get my bandsaw too. I have basic knowledge of porting 2 stroke engines- mostly high performance...
  7. eye.heart.trees

    Are chainsaws intentionally sold weak out-of-box? Q's on mods & chains

    tl;dr- Which, if any, modifications are worth doing to an out-of-box chainsaw? ~~~~~~~~~~ I'm hoping to understand this a bit more, I learned about two general 'types' of what I can only describe as intentional-weakening of chainsaws (out-of-box) and want to learn more, specifically: #1 - It...
  8. S

    346xp Frustration

    Hello, I just made an account, but I've lurked for a few years. I recently bought a used 45cc 346 on ebay for probably $100 too much, but definitely too much since it's given me nothing but issues. For the last year or so I've been bucking and felling with a Husqvarna 460, but I got tired of...
  9. C

    Who will Port a lightly used 372XT??

    I have a 372xt that I would like to get ported. Who will work on used saws? I'm looking for porting that will leave the strato ports moving air. Thanks
  10. Pakai Boti

    25cc Chainsaw porting

    Hello My Zenoah g2500 chainsaw has seized.I am looking to buy a new top end, and I would like to port it somehow.Can you give me some advices where should I take some metal off?
  11. A

    MS461 Damaged Cylinder - Afterlife?

    Just curious ... is this MS461 cylinder toast or is it salvageable? Got this from someone who is tossing it away, figure I could use it to practice grinding. But if it is salvageable, I might as well turn it into a porting project just for kicks. The portion above the exhaust port and...
  12. Erik Piazza

    SOLD!!!! Ported and Polished Husqvarna 372 x-torque

    https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=py1VC11iT8g For sale is an excellent Husqvarna 372 x-torque. This machine is in great shape. The piston and cylinder are OEM. We ported and polished the cylinder so it is a real screamer. It will come with the large felling spikes, 20 bar and 3/8...
  13. wash-climber

    Rebuilding 026, first time, advice?

    Hey all, I've torn down my 026, non pro. My plan is to do the crank seals, new piston, and hopefully clean up the oem cylinder. However, I need your help to know if my jug us redeemable. I'll attach some pictures. If it is redeemable, how do I clean it up? At what point should I replace...
  14. R

    Looking for some porting work in eastern Ontario

    After reading way too many threads on this site about a 50cc/70cc saw combos. I decided that was the way to go for me. Step 1, purchase first brand new saw for me ever 550xp!! Awesome saw, love it, pretty much perfect saw,except for the larger stuff. So now I was looking for the legendary 372xp...
  15. M

    Homelite C-72 Max Power Build Hybrid

    All tags missing on this saw. after some research I believe it is a C-72. It runs well but w best loaded carb tune seems a bit weak. It may have a case seal issue. I figure if I am going to take the time to pull it all down I might as well go stupid on it for the fun. Here we go. What is the...
  16. K

    Do the Sthil MS260 & MS261 use the same muffler?

    Hi, this is my first post. I'm from New Zealand and my inlaws bought a Stihl MS261 over for me one thier last visit. It was 60% cheaper to by in Illinois and fly over with it than buying it at the Stihl dealer in town! Its the 4th chainsaw I have owned and is by far the best I have ever used. I...
  17. K

    Do the MS260 & MS261 use the same muffler?

    Hi, this is my first post. I'm from New Zealand and my inlaws bought a Stihl MS261 over for me one thier last visit. It was 60% cheaper to by in Illinois and fly over with it than buying it at the Stihl dealer in town! Its the 4th chainsaw I have owned and is by far the best I have ever used. I...
  18. E

    Your opinion?

    What you think about my stihl 026?
  19. E

    Porting a Stihl ms260

    So, i would like to get some advice for porting my loved ms260. Great saw! Done a muffler mod, but it needs a bit of a waking up. (You know what i mean)
  20. huskyslinger

    120SI Porting numbers?

    So I know it is a long shot as porters like to hord their numbers! But I was given a 120SI that is in really good shape. I have put new piston in and had to make a velocity stack for it, as finding an air filter was a pain. So anyway just hoping someone will chime in and give me some numbers to...