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poulan 2000

  1. J

    Want to Sell Poulan 2000 - Super Nice, Very Clean $50

    My uncle had this saw and was cleaning out. I just couldn't let them get rid of it when I knew someone would want it. It's super nice and clean, barely ran at all. Still has original everything - bar, chain, and case. I pulled on it, but it wouldn't start. I bet it needs the carb gone through...
  2. W

    Poulan 2000 won't start

    I was recently given a poulan 2000. It will not start. It seems to have good enough compression, it has spark. I'm thinking maybe the carb? I just don't have much experience with them so any help on how to troubleshoot would be great.
  3. Winterbiker

    Old saw windup!

    Hey all. Here's the story. Fired up my pioneer 750. Hasn't been run for 30 years. Got lucky and didn't need carb adjustments, just primed and new fuel. Sounds great and loud! Revs smooth and high, no load revs up sounding healthy, then seems to get a second wind and jumps rpm and really smooths...