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  1. 50 Yr Old Vintage Pioneer Chainsaw Rebuild | Tool Restoration

    50 Yr Old Vintage Pioneer Chainsaw Rebuild | Tool Restoration

    Old chainsaw restoration or rebuilds have always fascinated me. I decided to buy this 50-year-old vintage Pioneer 2073 saw and see if I could refurbish it an...
  2. C

    Husqvarna 235 Primer Air Lock/Not Starting

    Hi, I have a Husqvarna 235 X-Torq that bogged down completely when under load, tried to do a carb rebuild (most probably badly), and now it wont even try to start. Also seems to really be an issue with the priming system as when I prime it, pressure builds up in the fuel pipes and in the fuel...
  3. P

    Stihl 066

    Hi Just got a good deal on an 066. Everything is oem except a metor piston and rings. The saw is an absolute beast and has no issues as far as I can tell but there are some cracks and small pieces that broke off on the bottom of the bar side of the crankcase. If this damage causes any trouble in...
  4. Wandering ami

    028 av super rubuild

    Pardon me if i ramble a bit. I'm a city guy just moved into an off the grid cabin tucked away in the app. mtns. Picked up my first chainsaw this year from a friend. A ms170. Pulled the carburator and replaced it and off I went. Well, my next door neighbor (well next valley over) is a little...
  5. LesPro

    Jonsereds 49sp leaking fuel & oil

    Anyone in the know want to comment please? I have it torn down to this point (see photos) ultimately I need to get to the fuel reservoir to inspect and possibly repair/replace gasket as it is leaking just sitting on a table. This is the primary reason for teardown. Also going to rebuild carb...
  6. derrick cole

    Mods to a 372 xp xt

    Looking for what you would do you your 372 x torq. I'm going to throw a new jug and piston in mine and rebuild carb along with a muffler mod. Is their anything else I should do while she is apart that doesn't take anything too fancy or complicated to do?
  7. Monkey_With_A_Chainsaw

    Want to buy MS650/660 OEM cylinder and piston

    I have an MS650 magnum with a scorched piston (and possibly the cylinder) that I’m working towards repairing. Looking for OEM parts to make it right.
  8. M

    What is it worth?

    This is my first post on the forum so please bare with me while I try to figure this all out. So I am in the process of rebuilding a woodchuck 12 inch chipper. It is a hyroller 1200 model with a 4b cummins. I am going through it totally from the hitch to the feed tray. What would a fair sale...
  9. W321shark

    Rebuilding a 441

    I recently decided to dive into resurrecting a saw. I got an ms441, paid way too much for it but hey live and learn. I’m wondering if there is a good building thread someone can direct me to. I’ve searched on here with little success on a good overview of the process. There are a ton of good...
  10. Overkill338

    My MS261C Build Thread

    Ok, it started at my $80 saw thread and now it's time to go back together. I ordered parts and cleaned it up a little bit. The case needs a little more "toothbrush" work, but hey, I think its alright. As far as parts, it's all new and oem. Piston kit, carb kit, fuel solenoid, handle...
  11. H

    Poulan Pro 205 help

    My grandpa had a Poulan Pro 205 that sat in his garage for years unused due to a broken starter pulley that he never replaced. He gave it to me and I replaced the pulley and had it running. Decided to take it all apart and give it a good cleaning. I opted to use Fuel resistant permatex in place...
  12. J

    Stihl 044 Rebuild

    I have an old (serial number 1xxxxxxx) Stihl 044c. Hasn't been run in a few years. Started it up and burned up the piston and the cylinder. Local Stihl repair shop said it was a likely cracked manifold that let in too much air and the saw overheated and scored the piston and the cylinder...
  13. F

    Stihl 034 is on my bench

    Hello All. Newbie here. Great info, I find myself coming to this site all the time. Figured I might as well sign up and join in. I have been given an old Stihl 034AV by my dad that needs some serious attention. GOOD: - Holds Gas - Brake works - Bar's straight - Pull cord returns beautifully -...
  14. M

    Husqvarna 560XPG Rebuild Not Going To Plan

    Hi everyone, I’ve been hanging around here a while soaking up all the knowledge you guys are kind enough to share but this is my first post. I’m sorry in advance if this post is a bit long but I just want to give as much information as possible in the hopes that someone can help me. I bought a...
  15. BR Wood

    Stihl 066 32" Bar Lean Seize Failure - Advice

    I just found out that it sounds like my Stihl 066 had a Lean Seizure. I had the coil replaced by a guy that didn't know that it was out but was a "Small Engine Repair" person. After he couldn't get the saw to start I started taking pics and on another Stihl forum I was told that this pic...
  16. wash-climber

    Rebuilding 026, first time, advice?

    Hey all, I've torn down my 026, non pro. My plan is to do the crank seals, new piston, and hopefully clean up the oem cylinder. However, I need your help to know if my jug us redeemable. I'll attach some pictures. If it is redeemable, how do I clean it up? At what point should I replace...
  17. J

    Husqvarna 65 rebuild

    Hi there I am wondering if anyone can advise me regarding a husqvarna 65 I am rebuilding I bought this saw as a project build having just completed a rebuild on a 254xp (1995). And so far the posts on arboristsite have been a well of helpful info for both the current and previous projects The 65...
  18. E

    Jonsered Rebuild Gone Wrong? HELP!

    Hi folks, been lurking on this forum for a while and I need your help. I did a top end rebuild on a JONSERED CS2150 Turbo after it was run on straight gas and The cylinder walls and piston were scuffed bad! Now, it doesn't start. I tried putting some mix in the carb and holding the throttle...
  19. Aufdy's lawn

    Stihl 039 rebuild

    I picked up an 039 for next to nothing, but it is trashed. I'm looking to rebuild and I was wondering if I should just replace the top end, or order an entire engine that is ready to install. The Piston is scored, and the rings are stuck. The jug is scored as well. I'm just wondering if I can...