roller nose

  1. Jon1212

    SOLD!!!! NOS McCulloch Roller nose, and Speed Tip bars.

    These are .063 gauge NOS Roller Nose bars. I have one 28" bar available. $120+ shipping, and one 24" bar available $95 +shipping to the Lower 48 States. 28" 404 .063 McCulloch labeled Windsor Speed Tip bar. I have one available $75 +shipping to the Lower 48 States.
  2. ML12

    Want to buy Remington Roller Nose Tip

    I've recently acquired 2 NOS (one still has the dealer decal on it) Remington bars but they don't have tips on them. I am looking for a roller tip for these bars. I believe they need the 2.5" diameter roller. Here is a photo of the slot in the end of the bar: The roller tip doesn't have to be...