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  1. eye.heart.trees

    Etiquette of contacting Nice Guy Dave (have some in-depth cordage Q's)

    I frequently hear that you can actually reach out to him in fact on a Climbing Arborist podcast the host (Dan?) was mentioning how you can contact him and (paraphrasing) "Ask him anything about rope, there's nothing he doesn't know about rope that is worth knowing!" I've got some 'meta'...
  2. J

    Want to Sell Climbing Gear (saddle setup, rope, throwline) Colorado

    I am selling my climbing gear. I would consider parting it out, but would prefer to sell the package. All are in excellent condition as you can see from the photos. Sherill Saddle (Size Medium) including flipline, prusik line and pulley, figure 8, and carabiners $250 120 foot, 12 strand rope...
  3. I

    I'm a new arborist but with lots of experience in the woods and running chainsaw.

    I'm just curiozc why my Blake's hitch is so hard to move around in the tree with. I see people swing around and land on other branches but I weigh 140 and have to really put m weight into it . And also my line will only be touching one branch but the friction makes it more difficult. My boss...
  4. T

    Want to buy Rope bridge saddle

    Looking to buy a saddle with rope bridge, must be in good usable safe condition. Located in south Texas
  5. manwithsaw

    SOLD!!!! Climbing Harness (Beginner)

    Look to upgrade my home made rig to something respectable. Not looking for something fancy. Used would be good. Thanks for considering
  6. S

    Mint condition climbing equipment for sale

    I have for sale a bunch of climbing equipment I bought a barely used. Its a couole years old but sit's mostly. Did a couple small jobs and some recreational stuff, alot of it hasn't been used at all. BuckIngham saddle medium Buckingham spurs 200 feet of kernmaster rope Alot of miscellaneous...
  7. F

    Climbing rope or rigging rope ?

    Hello I am new to tree climbing currently in the process of purchasing rope to complete my new climbing kit and would like some help clarifying climbing rope vs rigging rope. In effort to understand the main difference between climbing rope and rigging rope I would appreciate if someone...
  8. Bailey's Inc.

    Save on BlackMAX 24 strand Climbing line