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  1. T

    Want to Sell Couple Dolmars for sale or trade

    Hello, I am in need of a 70+CC Saw for my CSM. Therefore some saws from my collection are up for grabs. First up is a 1985 Dolmar 110 18" Bar Second is my Dolmar PS400 16" bar Pictures available VIA email or text. Both saws run and cut wood. I am looking for cash or trade offers on a...
  2. KTM300

    Another "Is this a good deal?" thread

    Hi folks, So I was casually surfing Craigslist last night looking for a bookcase for the living room and an ad that I was looking at said, at the bottom of the listing, "also a couple old non running chainsaws". Of course I saw this as divine intervention telling me to spend money on chainsaws...
  3. Karel

    What do I do with this one? Sachs Dolmar 100 Super

    Gentlemen Without further delay, please warm welcome and round of applause please for my latest suckage! Brand spanking new, straight from "West Germany", "Sachs Dolmar 100 Super" saw. We won't see that very often .. I know nothing about its origins, just appeared in local add server, and I...
  4. DirtyHippo

    Hey everyone, this is my introduction post

    Happy Saturday everyone, hope you are all enjoying the day. I am a new member as of today, although I've been searching for information for a few months now. I am the proud owner of 2 Sachs-Dolmar saws. A 116Super and a 119. I don't have any pictures of them as of yet (they are both under my...
  5. Kensie1988

    Want to buy Clean Sachs 120si recoil

    So i drop started my 120si when it was cold and this happened...
  6. Kensie1988

    Sachs Dolmar Injector Carburetors

    After reading Mr. Marks post and learning a little bit about the Sachs injector carbs it got me wondering how exactly it works, does anyone have any literature or can break it down and explain it to me, that way if I ever need to make repairs on mine I know what going on internally.
  7. Swagetastic

    Want to Sell Sachs Dolmar 109

    Sachs Domar 109 I have rebuilt the carb made new intake and carb gaskets. cleaned the saw up and ran it for a day. i noticed it started running funny over reving and idling erratically. Brought it back to the house thinking one of the intake or carb gaskets failed but they didnt. saw must have...
  8. skinnee440

    Gave the old Dolomitey a workout today!

    Took the big bore Dolomitey out and finally cut a good tree with it. 28" bar. Stump is about 33". Didn't have my tape, only bar to use. Hard maple and no issue! Realized how piggish she is on fuel, but that's some wood to swing thru. Cut up tree today. First 5 blocks solid, then the old hollow...