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  1. I

    Want to buy Stihl 041AV air filter base/choke lever/choke rod

    Hello, I am new to this site and was referred here by a buddy. I have a love for saws and work on them frequently. My grandfather owned a logging company in Michigan and I worked with him as a young man. Anyways, I am working on a Stihl 041AV Super Electronic. A friend was gifted it from his dad...
  2. L

    Dolmar Kms-4 for sale

    For sale. $400. The saw was running a couple of months ago and the pull start mechanism broke. Selling power head only. Bar not included. Selling as is . I believe it to be the only rotary powered chainsaw ever made .
  3. M

    Damage to saw by starting up and not using

    Hi My company does regular weekly checks on a Stihl saw by basically starting it up and running it at high revs for 20 seconds and then shutting down. It rarely gets used for cutting. Can someone tell me if this is bad for the saw and how it is bad, and also if so if there is any evidence or...
  4. Bedford T

    Big Blue MS380 Clone

    Holzfforma G388 Blue Thunder, will cut with it soon. seems to not have some of the quirks the kit had like the cowl side screw behind the handle.
  5. HopperGirl

    Good Review!

    I recently purchased a 395xp from dustinwilt68. I just wanted to post this to absolutely praise him. He has been extremely prompt in answering my questions, keeping me updated on everything he was doing with my particular saw, and has worked very hard to get it out to me on time. He even took...
  6. Stgilmer

    SOLD!!!! Echo CS-6700 67cc

    FREE!!!! Echo cs6700... 67cc Needs piston, cylinder looks good, and not getting spark. The rest is there and in good shape. Just pay for shipping unless local.
  7. Stgilmer

    SOLD!!!! Echo CS-6700

    FREE!!!! Echo CS-6700 parts saw. Things I know are wrong with it are bad piston, but cylinder is still ok. Also not getting spark. See pictures for detail, or ask questions, I'll try my best to answer. JUST pay to be shipped from 30205.
  8. C

    Want to Sell 2004 GMC 7500 60' Altec

    Altec 60' Boom bucket truck 6 speed manual trans Forestry chip box dump body 2 outriggers Many updated parts - ready to work Former Asphlund Truck Hydraulic Brakes Bucket plumbed for hydraulic saws 8.1L gas engine Kubota diesel pony motor Pintle hitch Passed inspection 3 weeks ago 7k worth of...
  9. Y

    old 60s-70s chainsaw questions

    Hi i just joined this great site, allready learned a fair bit from it over the past couple days. Not sure if im posting in the right catigory so let me know. I just got a couple old school saws off craigslist 80$. From what i can gather thier both great reliable saws and im excide to get...
  10. S

    Want to buy Stihl 048 SEM ignition

    hi all, Long shot, chasing an SEM ignition coil (IPL doesn’t appear to have a part number sorry) for a stihl 048 saw Currently have one, dies when it warms up and having had a few 056’s in the past with sem ignitions I’m guessing it’s the same problem I’m in Australia but happy to pay...
  11. Tree Feller


    What gloves do y’all use when running a saw? I typically use a impact resistant type glove when I’m handling wood but don’t care for them running a saw? I’ve used mecha-flex glove and seen to work but don’t last? I would like something thin and flexible and a strapped cuff or tight cuff so...
  12. K

    Wright Pneumatic Reciprocating Saw

    I am looking to figure out a reasonable value of a 1960s era saw made by Wright, and also if there would even be a market for this type of saw. I guess I could slap the label of "vintage" on it, and give it an air of collectibility. But is the $150 I am asking unrealistic for something this old...
  13. Bedford T

    Finally, a carburetor diaphragm that will last.

    Coming soon.... New from Walbro the Spiral Metering Diaphragm. Quite impressive. I think this is good for more than just saws. Weedeaters! Just think between this and electric lawn equipment, carbs that last longer! http://www.walbro.com/spiraldiaphragm/
  14. L

    File guide

    Recently purchased a file guide kit at Walmart the brand is trilink come with 1 file guide and 5/32 , 3/16 , 7/32 files for best results should I have picked up separate guides for each file , thanks for any help
  15. Bailey's Inc.

    Get a Free 6 Pack of Husqvarna 2-Cycle Fuel with a 460 Rancher Chainsaw

    Get a Free 6 Pack of Husqvarna 2-Cycle Fuel with a 460 Rancher Chainsaw + Extend Your Warranty by 2 Years! http://baileysmedia.com/newsletter/jul3_2017/?src=HV0717&utm_source=jul2_2017_hv_facebook&utm_medium=facebook&utm_term=Husqvarna460RancherSaw&utm_campaign=jul2_2017_hv_facebook
  16. Kensie1988

    Want to Sell NOS and used Mall Saw Parts Lot

    Ken has a bunch of old used and NOS Mall Saw parts just about everything you can think of, but he doesn't know enough about Mall to know what everything goes too, he said there is NOS pistons, condensers, etc as well as other NOS items in boxes not pictured. He wants to sell everything together...
  17. ConservationNation

    Climbing gear essentials

    I'd like to start climbing, but I'm not really sure where to start gearwise. Would it be better/cheaper to piece together my own gear, or to just buy something like the Entry level spur and rope kit from Wesspur? Any good resources to look at? It's going to be recreational for now, but I...
  18. Bedford T

    Want to buy Two Husqvarna 288 new or used

    I will buy one or two must be complete 288 with no physical damage. looking to buy.
  19. Bedford T

    Huztl FarmerTec What Saw Build Kit Would You Like to See Them Make?

    First off they are making a drill attachment for the chain saw. That really would come in handy anytime you don't have access to electricity, or like putting up fence for example. There is a winch that can be coupled with a saw that might be interesting what do you think? On the Husky...
  20. skunkinablunt

    Pioneer Partner 450

    i recently acquired a pioneer partner 450, in flawless running condition. i cannot find it anywhere online, and from what i have found... it is a very rare saw. can anyone tell me what its worth? also what year is this saw exactly. i know they were only made from 1964-1968. but what year is...