• Please be aware that we have recently gotten a wave of users that, when researched, are found to be from Nigeria. They are trying to sell products and asking to be paid through Zelle or Venmo leaving users with no recourse if they don't ship the product. If you suspect this activity please contact admin and we will research their information to verify their location.

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  1. T

    Want to buy Pot and piston

    Looking for solo 675 pot and piston
  2. Bedford T

    Huztl FarmerTec What Saw Build Kit Would You Like to See Them Make?

    First off they are making a drill attachment for the chain saw. That really would come in handy anytime you don't have access to electricity, or like putting up fence for example. There is a winch that can be coupled with a saw that might be interesting what do you think? On the Husky...
  3. Bailey's Inc.

    Dolmar Professional Chainsaw Sale - Starting at $499.99

    Dolmar Professional Chainsaw Sale - Starting at $499.99 http://media.baileys-online.com/6382/apr3_2016/index.html Dolmar Professional Chainsaws from Bailey's Bailey's offers a small line of Dolmar professional chainsaws. Dolmar is a high quality European chainsaw line, designed and...