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serial number lookup

  1. B

    Could someone please look up a couple of Stihl serial numbers for me?

    026 Pro 234508356 MS 440 Magnum 160973592 Thanks
  2. jo2017

    Stihl serial number 1616...

    Hi can anyone help me look up and get info for Stihl serial number: 161601533 Thanks! Any idea of approx. manufacture year? The first "1" means Germany as country of origin, right? (2=USA, 5=???)
  3. Permit Number 038AVSP

    Serial Number Help

    Hello there, just picked up a used saw cheap with no compression. I think its an 024 by its cover model number, but just want to be sure before I purchase a top end kit as there is a difference between the 024 and 024 super. Did my best with a serial number web search, but no luck. If anyone...