1. S

    How much wood and weight?

    How much weight do you think this green wood is? Not sure of the species so dont give me crap for it. I have a outdoor boiler and all my wood is free free free. Plus is it close to a cord for you math guys?
  2. T

    Firefall maple split

    Last year we had a tornado roll through it neighborhood. Fortunately only 2 trees on our property had damage. However one of the trees has a split down the main trunk. I've attached some pictures. Any suggestions for how to deal with this? I'd hate to cut down the tree eat this point and start over.
  3. S

    Firewood in Lansing area

    Where can I get firewood split/logs delivered in the Lansing area?
  4. dblack

    Taking save some time and money?

    I have a question I wanted to get everyone's opinion on. This may belong in the commercial tree care forum but I wanted to start it here. The situation: There is a split ash with codominant stems. Each stem is no more than 14" in diameter and the split occurs only a few feet off the ground. The...
  5. MrDave

    Cuts for back leaning trees. Split-level.

    There are a number of cuts to use for back-leaning trees, my preference is a split-level - what's yours?
  6. Bailey's Inc.

    Chop Firewood the Smart Way and Save $20!

    Work Smarter, Not Harder! The Smart-Splitter Log Splitter & Smart-Holder Firewood Holder are now both $20 Off!
  7. rumrun999

    Want to buy Competition Axe

    I would like to purchase a used or economically priced new competition axe. Maybe there is one sitting around getting old and you would like it to go to a good home and get used on a regular basis. I am not looking to get into competition, but, you never know. It is only a hobby to this...