1. W

    Seeking advice on woodsplitter for home using 16 cord annually

    Good afternoon, I am in North Carolina and have a central boiler OWB which heats my house and three-car garage. By the time this winter is over, I will have burned approximately four tri-axle dump truck loads of logs which I estimate to be around 15 cord. This spring I would like to upgrade to...
  2. Pglizerd

    Splitter problems

    Hello new here i Have a Brave it says Big Brave on Cylinder i traded for and i am having some problems i hope some one will know where to steer me when you frist start splitting it dose ok but after about 10 minutes it will stops splitting wood 16 -18 inches in diameter it will go up to log and...
  3. B

    Log Splitter leak at Shaft/ Repaired/Used 1Hr started leaking again

    Hi All, I'm new to this group. I wanted to know if anyone had a suggestion or ever had this issue before. Log splitter 9hp BS motor, 25ton Hydraulic Cylinder on the machine(The brand isn't known). As we were using it the oil started gushing from the piston area close to the cylinder. We...
  4. Joseph Hillenmeyer

    Log Splitter Pauses before Splitting??

    Hello, New to the site so I hope this is the right place for this question. And I apologize for the length. I've been heating with wood for a while but am somewhat new to owning a wood splitter.. I've rented before when I had a large quantity and finally bought a used MTD 21-ton splitter this...
  5. ArboristSiteUser

    New wood splitter, D.O.A.: Typical reseller/manufacture response?

    I'm new to splitting wood. Grew up and lived for nearly 40 years 'in the city'. Now we're in a rural area up a 2 mile mountain road with more frequent power outages than I'd like, and no neighbors in sight. Our 4th winter heating with wood. First 2 winters, we bought pre-cut wood. Last...
  6. Tree_Frog

    CountyLine 30 ton log splitter

    Anyone have any experience with the new generation of TSC’s CountyLine splitters, specifically the 30 ton model? The prior generation was made by SpeeCo, but the new ones are different. I’m hoping I can snag one of these soon, if the price is right...
  7. R

    Log Splitter Diagnostics.

    I have an MTD 24BF550B029 log splitter which seems to be a very common and frequently relabeled model. The cylinder goes up and down. But, it refuses to split and it doesn't seem to strain the motor. I replaced the pump seals which didn't fix it. Then, I rigged a pressure gauge on cylinder line...
  8. S

    LaFont L-35 splitter low pressure hyd filter part?

    I am betting that there are still some of these Green Machines out there so if you could share the filter part number that fits it would help me. The one that was on this tool did not have anything legible on it and the parts store match for it only spins 1.25 turns (vs 3.25 turns) so thread is...
  9. G

    Troybilt L27 Stalling at Full Extension & Retraction

    Hey guys first post here, found you guys while googling issues with my stepfathers log splitter, got lots of results but no definitive answer to the problem i'm having. It's a 2012 Troybilt L27 log splitter with a honda GCV160 motor. The motor runs great, starts up first pull, runs strong...
  10. P

    Complete Noob Builds a Splitter

    First of all I need to introduce myself. I'm a project manager for a medium sized industrial construction firm in Houston where I live. My interest here is purely for myself and family plus some Christmas money each year. I currently have a tractor supply model 15 ton vertical splitter. I...
  11. Bailey's Inc.

    Chop Firewood the Smart Way and Save $20!

    Work Smarter, Not Harder! The Smart-Splitter Log Splitter & Smart-Holder Firewood Holder are now both $20 Off!
  12. dakotalawdog

    Need help finding replacement part for log splitter

    22 Ton Forest King splitter. Had it for years and it has worked great. A cast "collar" split and I've searched the internet trying to find a replacement. It basically sits between the control handle and the hydraulic control valve and provides leverage so you can operate the handle. I've found...
  13. T

    Want to Sell timberwolf tw5 and timberwolf conveyor

    35633564356535663567I have a 2009 Timberwolf tw5, has 4-way wedge, table grate, Log lift and auto cycle. Also a 2013 Timberwolf 24 ft. conveyor. Both units are in excellent condition and I have manuals for both. $12,000 for both. Email me at [email protected]
  14. maul ratt

    Helko Vario 2000 Heavy Log Splitter

    I just tested the Helko Vario 2000 Heavy Log Splitter. I've been wanting one of these for a few years now, and I finally got my hands on one. My video went a little longer than I originally planned, sorry about that. Please comment if you own one or have thoughts to share. Thanks for...