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  1. Everett Phillipston

    ms261c-m mtronic issue

    ok, here we go; I’ve searched thru and read a bunch about the ignition coil, mtronic carb reset, etc. here’s what I did... 1) New wiring harness from coil to carb servo connection- old one had two yellow & red wires cut. New Wires look good. 2) gapped flywheel with a business card...made sure...
  2. Slingyman

    Want to buy stihl 066 parts

    looking for a 066 starter cover, doesn't need to be in amazing condition. Also looking for 4 cylinder bolts that connect the jug to the crankcase.
  3. Cmace5

    201 TC High Idle Issues Etc.

    I have a 201 TC M Tronic. Less than 2 years old. About 2 weeks ago it started having issues with not Starting out of the blue, even after being run 30 Seconds previously. It still sometimes takes up to 40 pulls to get it going again. Then no issues until it feels like it. Within this last week...
  4. T

    028 av the copper looks like a ground wire.

    Where does the da... rn thing go? Seriously. Seriously asking this question right now.
  5. K

    Stihl MS251 clutch drum stuck

    Hi! My Stihl MS251 won't pump chain oil anymore. I started to take the saw apart to check the oil pump, however, I don't manage to get the clutch drum off. I can lift it about 5 mm, but then it stops. I can turn the needle bearing with a thin screwdriver, and the drum spins freely when the...
  6. N

    New chain for Stihl 261 questions

    Long time reader, and student of the arborist site, and normally find my answers already posted, but I searched for this one and couldn't find a clue, so here goes. I have a 261 with the standard sprocket and a 20" green bar. standard 325 chain. I need to replace a couple chains that are a few...
  7. F-M tree

    Want to Sell Stihl oem carbs

    I got roughly 40-45 used zama, tillitson, and Walbro carbs... all are oem, and were purchased with the original saws that are now being parted out. Those saws include (but not limited to): 009,011,020,024,026,028,028 super,031,032,034,036,044,066, 064, and 08 s.. most just need new gaskets and...
  8. T

    Want to buy stihl 036 48mm cylinder

    Looking for a cylinder for stihl 036
  9. ballisticdoughnut

    Want to buy 038 full wrap handle

    looking for a nice full wrap handle for a Stihl 038. If you’ve got the mounting hardware to go with it great, if not no big deal. Thanks.
  10. K

    MS460 mods

    Just bought a MS 460. I'm going to have a 28" bar on it. I occasionally cut some oak for my smoker and lots of folks around here seem to be scared of tackling a larger tree (even when it is on the ground). I was tired of doing it with my MS 290 so I got a slightly more big boy saw. What sort of...
  11. T

    My brother brought home a Stihl 08 S

    Title says it all, my brother got a Stihl 08 S from a buddy of his today and he brought it home for me. Looks like I have a new project on my hands! Check this bastard out guys! Spec sheet...
  12. WoodChip333

    Stihl 044 10mm c&p pics and numbers need advice!!!

    Hey all, I am a newb on here, but wait before you slam me with the filter and muff mod stuff. I bought a early 10mm stihl 044, its a 120's serial number. Compression is 125psi so I pulled it apart to have a look. Lots of nasty piston skirt scoring and scratches. Base gasket measures 0.040" which...
  13. HomeSteed

    Stumped (pun intended) stihl ms361

    I figure one of you "AS" geniuses have to know this one. Because I'm stumped. I am trying to figure out if the ms361 shared any parts with the 036 or if I have some sort of Frankensaw situation going on. A few months back, I had finished rebuilding my trusty old ms361 that was the first new saw...
  14. Brad Burnette

    Want to Sell Stihl 011 parts saw

    What you see is what you get. I know nothing about this saw and have fooled with it very little. It has good compression and the chain moves...chain brake works...Pm with offers.
  15. C

    Saw Planning Opinions

    Looking for some opinions on planning a saw path. I currently have a MS260 (purchase used 8-10 years ago) which I’m in the process of doing a muffler mod ( having a hard time tuning it though) as well as MS310 (stock). I’m looking at taking out a number of trees 1-2 cords annually to support...
  16. Johnny LaVoie

    Want to Sell NEW 455 Ranchers with 20" bar and chain with Warranty

    Currently overstocked new Husqvarna 455 Ranchers with 20" bar and chain. List is $449.95. Selling for $375 plus shipping. Send zip code for shipping quote. No state sales tax charged for out of state purchases. 5.3% charged in VA only. Husqvarna dealer located in Ashland, VA. 804-798-5887...
  17. M

    Damage to saw by starting up and not using

    Hi My company does regular weekly checks on a Stihl saw by basically starting it up and running it at high revs for 20 seconds and then shutting down. It rarely gets used for cutting. Can someone tell me if this is bad for the saw and how it is bad, and also if so if there is any evidence or...
  18. K

    Stihl 041 AV Oiling issue

    Ok please don't jump down my throat to do a search, that's actually how I found this site and its wealth of information. I've poured over every thread I could find so I was informed before I asked. I bought an old 041AV, it runs great and it was oiling pretty decently until the last cuts I did...
  19. AuerX

    Stihl 020AV Super Idle question and manual request

    So my old 020AV Super that I havent used in a few years wont idle.. Starts great. Cuts great at high RPM, no issues with that at all. But dies instantly if I let go of the throttle. Low and high adjustments about 1 1/2 out. Finicky adjustments. Idle screw doesnt seem to do anything really...