Traverse Creek Inc


  1. Y

    Stolen Saws

    Hi, we are new to the site and asking for anyone’s help that may lead the recovery and arrest/conviction of the thief who stole four saws from our store , Yoest Feed & Farm Supply in Claysville, PA on Sunday night at 9:15pm. The saws are all new and never been registered. MS661 C-M s/n 187800565...
  2. S

    MA - Stolen Jonsered cs2166 & Husq 580BTS (3/2019)

    My Jonsered cs2166 and Husqvarna 580BTS leaf blower were stolen from my shed last month (March 2019) in central mass Unfortunately I haven't been able to find the backpack leaf blower's serial number Chainsaw's SN: 2016 1600090 Haven't seen anything listed for sale but will keep an eye out...
  3. SLlandscape

    Stolen altec, Tx panhandle

    Altec DC610 stolen last Saturday in the Texas panhandle. To help identify, the 2 center flaps on the feed chute have been cut off and it has a leak on the hydraulic tank and you an see the new clutch under the shielding for the belt. If seen please call me at 806 884-5909
  4. Longhaired Spreadneck

    Gainesville/Athens,ga Painted ms 461 parts& tools

    hey y'all i had a stackable small rigid toolbox stolen out of my truck a few days ago. The contents were ms 461 engine shroud, air cover, and recoil cover assembly all painted black outside and orange inside for identification reasons(fingers crossed). the toolbox was filled the rest of the...