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  1. W

    How to replace 501sx sprocket plz

    hi how can i change the sprocket on the 501sx saw? i tried to turn the nut clockwise to turn it loose, but it just moved a little and now wont even go to any side at all anymore... so the nut is like stuck, sprocket is just wobbling on the shaft and i dont know which way to turn it anymore :s
  2. K

    Stihl MS251 clutch drum stuck

    Hi! My Stihl MS251 won't pump chain oil anymore. I started to take the saw apart to check the oil pump, however, I don't manage to get the clutch drum off. I can lift it about 5 mm, but then it stops. I can turn the needle bearing with a thin screwdriver, and the drum spins freely when the...
  3. C

    HELP!!!! Rope piston stop stuck!

    So I got the frayed end of the rope stuck between the piston and cylinder on the exhaust port. Tried pulling cylinder still stuck 288xp saw.
  4. crotchclimber

    stuck choke problem, MS461

    I've got a problem MS461 carb. The choke does not return to open on its own like it should when the master switch is set off choke. I looked at another 461 to compare and this one the rod that goes through the carb body is much harder to turn than it should be and the spring is not strong enough...
  5. F

    Hack: Removing a chainsaw stuck in a tree

    I got myself into a sticky situation. I can't recommend anyone use this technique but it worked for me. BTW I know, I know, no safety equipment....