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stump grinder

  1. M

    Want to buy Want to buy a Carlton 7015 stump grinder

    Want to buy Carlton 7015
  2. Benjamin S Pendleton

    Greenteeth tips

    Anyone know where I can find the 900 series tips? I know they exist cause I've seen ads for replacing them.
  3. a1stump

    Best Stump Grinder Wheel

    I have a SC60tx, SC50tx, and an SC372. My SC50tx grinder wheel is real beat up and ready to be replaced. I have heard a lot of mixed opinions on some of the after market stump grinder wheels, but I want to make the most informed purchase because I know whatever I put on, I will end up using...
  4. E

    Want to buy SC552 or SC652

    Anyone selling one this summer?
  5. J

    Rayco Rg1620 stump grinder

    Hey guys does anyone on here no much about stump grinders? Having an issue diagnosing mine. It’s a older Rayco rg1620. It has a 20hp kohler magnum. I grinded with it all day yesterday and shut it down. Then about 10 minutes later tried putting it on the trailer, and it wouldn’t start. It doesn’t...
  6. Benjamin S Pendleton

    Sc252 three bolt driveshaft bearing

    I noticed that my sc252 driveshaft bearings that have three bolts holding them on the body that the main shaft that the tires and chain go on are completely shot. Anyone have the part numbers for these as I can't find them.
  7. Cupocoffee

    SOLD!!!! 2013 Carlton SP7015 for sale

    $32,000. I bought this machine new in November 2012. This grinder has every available option Carlton makes. It is a four wheel drive unit, has a push blade, remote control, and the razor wheel. It is equipped with the Kubota 66 HP turbo diesel engine which is four cylinders and water cooled. The...
  8. D

    First Stump Grinder

    Hello and thank you to anybody talking the time to read this. I have been in lawn and Landscape for the past 15+ years as a part time job to supplement income for my family. Lately I have been getting more and more stump grinding jobs and enjoy the work - I think I could name a go at it and...
  9. T

    Vermeer 665a Seized Wisconsin v465D

    Just pickup up a Vermeer 665a stump grinder. I know they are old. I used them on my summer jobs off from college. This one has a wisconsin v465D. How do I figure what engine to swap the unit with. I know i bought it with issues and with the lack of parts I'd rather just sell the engine and put...
  10. Andy C

    2004 vermeer sc60tx

    Hi all, newbie here, great site, I would like to post a question, I have a 2004 sc60tx stump grinder, no remote, the other day we unloaded off the trailer and was running to the stump when she shut down, I tried to restart and have nothing at the starter, I looked at the little window on the...
  11. R

    Want to Sell Bandit 2250xp stump grinder

    I am selling my Bandit 2250xp stump grinder. I am the second owner of it and it has 311 hours on it. I am not sure what year it is but believe its around 4 years old. It's been a dependable machine and I am only selling it for family reasons. It has a 27hp Kohler command gas engine and has a...
  12. S

    Alpine magnum stump

    I'm missing the pulley wheel from my alpine magnum stump grinder I've got a chap that will make me one but he needs the sizing of the pulley. Does anybody have those details please? My power unit is the stilh 880 I need the v belt pulley at the engine end
  13. D

    Want to Sell Selling Vermeer SC60tx yellow jacket cutting wheel

    Yellow jacket cutting wheel off of a 2013 SC60-TX with 24 hrs, will go up as I will be using it daily. Cutting wheel is in excellent like new condition.
  14. A Wallace

    Rayco RG45 vs Carlton 5014

    Hey guys, I'm buying a stump grinder soon and want to know if anyone has any experience with the Rayco RG45? I'm going to get a track model no matter which brand I go with. The Racyo seems like a good machine and has more options, so I'm leaning towards that. On the other hand the Carlton is...
  15. dontbthatguy

    Proud owner of a 4012 44hp grinder and am looking for all the tips and tricks!

    As the tittle goes, I just purchased a used 2014 Carlton 4012 44 kubota stump grinder. This is an uprgrade from my current 1625. It was time to make the jump. I demoed it on a 4 foot oak stump and it ground it down twice the depth and in about half the time. It doesn't haven too many bells...
  16. jaystihl

    Help with sc 252 cutter wheel shaft and bearings

    Just need some advice on getting pillow bearings off the cutter wheel shaft on vermeer sc 252. I have 2 new bearings and a new cutter wheel shaft. Pretty sure i need to cut off the bearings but how do i separate the shaft from belt pulley. Also any tips on installing new bearings onto new shaft...