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  1. AuerX

    Stihl 020AV Super Idle question and manual request

    So my old 020AV Super that I havent used in a few years wont idle.. Starts great. Cuts great at high RPM, no issues with that at all. But dies instantly if I let go of the throttle. Low and high adjustments about 1 1/2 out. Finicky adjustments. Idle screw doesnt seem to do anything really...
  2. Kensie1988

    Louisiana Forest Festival April 2019 Chainsaw Competitions

    I am posting this here to try and drum up competitors for our chainsaw competitions. The competitions this year are April 27th, so a little over a month away. The classes are: Stock Appearing 3 Cubic Inch or Under Stock Appearing 4 Cubic Inch or Under Stock Appearing 5 Cubic Inch or Under...
  3. August76

    McCulloch super 250 for $60 Deal or No Deal

    I saw this beat up old beauty on OfferUp. says it ran two years of course. but anyways I remember seeing these saws when I was a kid I think if I remember correctly the saw is somewhere around 89cc or something ridiculous right? Cult like following?
  4. Kensie1988

    SOLD!!!! Clean Super XL automatic $100+shipping

    So I just picked this up and got it cleaned, it's one of the late model super XL automatics, really clean ones can be harder to find than good running ones but since I have one I feel like I'll pass it along, looking at the p/c it looks like it will run, had good compression, but is...
  5. F

    Stihl 034 is on my Bench

    Hello All. Newbie here. (I even Posted this in the milling forum... Reposted over here) Great info, I find myself coming to this site all the time. Figured I might as well sign up and join in. I have been given an old Stihl 034AV by my dad that needs some serious attention. GOOD: - Holds Gas...
  6. F

    Stihl 034 is on my bench

    Hello All. Newbie here. Great info, I find myself coming to this site all the time. Figured I might as well sign up and join in. I have been given an old Stihl 034AV by my dad that needs some serious attention. GOOD: - Holds Gas - Brake works - Bar's straight - Pull cord returns beautifully -...
  7. Benny Boy

    Supposed to be Stihl 038 Super Need help to identify

    I bought this used Stihl chainsaw. It has no tag so I am trying to identify it to buy some parts. I know the serial number doesn't do a lot of good (217301006) I emailed Stihl to see if they have a record of it. From the pics can you guys tell what make this is? Guy told me it was a 038 super...
  8. Kensie1988

    Sachs Dolmar Injector Carburetors

    After reading Mr. Marks post and learning a little bit about the Sachs injector carbs it got me wondering how exactly it works, does anyone have any literature or can break it down and explain it to me, that way if I ever need to make repairs on mine I know what going on internally.
  9. Kensie1988

    Want to buy 32" - 36" D033 or Equivalent Large Mount Dolmar

    I purchased a Dolmar 133 Super and I would like to get a Sprocket nosed bar worthy of its 85cc's. It uses the large mount Dolmar bar with the 14mm studs.
  10. Tomas Caballero

    Homelite Super XL Auto blue and white flywheel rubs against coil

    Got a freebie Homelite Super XL Automatic (not Ol' Blue). It's a beauty. Sort of. I'm converting it from points/condenser to either Atom or Kawasaki/Rotary electronic module as the points are badly corroded and won't separate off the lobe on the shaft. I put the flywheel back on and noticed...
  11. huskyslinger

    SOLD!!!! 1050 Super spider

    Looking for a left hand thread spider for a home 1050 super. Need by no later then Wednesday the 12th will pay shipping
  12. Kensie1988

    Want to buy Blue Homelite XL-921

    I really would like to add a blue Super XL 921 to my collection to compliment my red 925. Not sure how much I would be willing to spend, just kinda want to see what's out there.
  13. thefarmboy21

    STIHL 028 Wood Boss AV EQ.....sitting for years, what do I do first???

    The other day I saw my neighbor at church and long story, short....he dropped off a STIHL 028 Wood Boss AV with the "electronic quickstop" He claimed that his dad had it for years and then passed it on to him, he ran the guts out of it until it started "loosing power once it got hot." He also...
  14. noodlewalker

    Want to Sell 041 super parts

    i have some extra parts left from when I rebuild my stihl 041 super... the flywheel is the points style, I believe the part number is 1110 400 1205. a basically new carburetor and the crankshaft (I just replaced it because I could buy the piston, bearings and shaft as a unit) there is one...
  15. The Abominable Snowman

    SOLD!!!! 36" Stihl 3002 large mount bar and chain 084 088 880

    Bar is nearly brand new - the miniscule wear-marks are from running it on a saw for a tune only. Never touched wood. Chain is RMF (Rapid Micro semi-chisel full skip), not new - About 8mm on the teeth. $140 shipped.
  16. Primus

    Want to buy Wanted: Stihl 028 Super Parts

    Hey Everyone. I just recently snagged a NOS case/crank/bearings for a Stihl 028 Super and was lucky to also find a NOS clutch cover too. I was wondering if anyone has any extra parts for this thing. New Old Stock is preferred (especially for the pull-start assembly and orange shrouds), but...