1. K

    Is my pine tree sick?

    It's always losing a lot of needles. I've attached some photos. Not sure if I just need to fertilize or prune it, or if it's got some sort of pathogen eating away at it. Would appreciate any help!
  2. Joseph Hillenmeyer

    Log Splitter Pauses before Splitting??

    Hello, New to the site so I hope this is the right place for this question. And I apologize for the length. I've been heating with wood for a while but am somewhat new to owning a wood splitter.. I've rented before when I had a large quantity and finally bought a used MTD 21-ton splitter this...
  3. garrett33

    Help: Stihl 025 Rough/Jerky Pull Cord

    Hi all, I have a Stihl 025 that I just picked up. It starts up, idles, and cuts well. The problem is that the pull cord has too much resistance, at each turnover it almost stops and hurts the hand badly to start it. I just spent the last few days researching other this problem on this forum...