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  1. Kensie1988

    Want to Sell Lombard AP-42 with parts saw

    My buddy Ken is getting rid of these two saws, I’m calling the second a parts Saw but could very well be a runner, it’s just missing the starter cover. Both have good compression and the complete Saw runs on prime. He is looking to get $150 plus shipping for both. Shoot me a PM if your interested.
  2. C

    Anyone got any info on this vintage saw?

    Found in grandfathers old woodworking shop. Never seen one like it. Any info, worth..etc greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone ne
  3. Kensie1988

    Want to Sell Vintage Saws Update - List Added

    due to people asking about saws that have been sold, I have gotten updated pictures of what is still left, if you see anything that catches your interest just shoot me a PM!
  4. Kensie1988

    SOLD!!!! Misc. Vintage Saws

    Ken has sorted through a lot of his saws, he has then laid out on the floor, too many to really list so if you see something that interests you shoot me a PM, thanks! lol
  5. M

    Vintage Jonsered info required

    For a refurbishment project, I really need some info on this vintage Jonsered saw (model designation etc) and especially the carb marked "TILLOTSON / TOLEDO O / USA", which is in desperate need of new gaskets etc. Ideally some sort of technical/workshop manual is such a thing even exists.
  6. Kensie1988

    Vintage Chainsaw Collectors Lounge

    Hello all! I just joined because there seems to be a healthy knowledge base here on old chainsaws. I recently was given an old 74 Homelight Super XL Auto by my wife's grandfather. It is in great running condition by the way (if you would like to see pictures just let me know). I have always...
  7. K


    hello all, I am mostly here because I need some help deciding whether or not to get a saw for my significant other. For his birthday I'd like to get him a vintage saw however my knowledge base is lacking. I am looking at a Stihl 056 and Stihl 041 super. Any input would be greatly appreciated. I...
  8. skunkinablunt

    Pioneer Partner 450

    i recently acquired a pioneer partner 450, in flawless running condition. i cannot find it anywhere online, and from what i have found... it is a very rare saw. can anyone tell me what its worth? also what year is this saw exactly. i know they were only made from 1964-1968. but what year is...
  9. Kegerator5

    Want to Sell Homelite C-5

    Alright guys. Bit if a story here. Bear with me. Sorry.. Bought off local farmer who was essentially selling off lots of things. I asked him the story on it. He said it was his father's. And he passed away 7 years ago. And his father was the last one to use the chainsaw. He said it was used...
  10. mechanizm


    i found this cool, vintage, john deere leaf-blower and had to buy it. shipping is going to be high . make me an offer... i squirted gas/oil mix in the carb and it started right up. it will probably need a good carb cleaning. i don't have the time to look at it in detail.
  11. D

    Vintage Husqvarna L65- rebuild advice

    I recently came across a decent l65 made in Sweden, and this is my first chainsaw rebuild. Once I started messing with the saw i found it was locked up from corrosion(not from overheating) , and had a gas tank full of water. So I started by draining the tank and taking off all of the plastic...