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100 cords a year?


ArboristSite Guru
May 12, 2006
Stratham, NH
I do between 50-100 cord a year but more like 50 these days. I try to generate as much wood from tree removal jobs as possible but if I don't have 50 cord on the ground by fall I buy in loads to satisfy the orders for the following year. I only sell seasoned wood and I deliver wood from September thru the first week of December. I feel like I just waist time trying to deliver when there is snow on the ground.
As we all know Firewood is labor intensive so you need to minimize how much and how long you handle the wood. I cut, spit and stack all my wood on my property. So I make every effort to cut, spit and stack the wood were it is dropped. By using a conveyor off the spitter I give my self a bit or range on where I stack the wood. When I'm spitting or stacking I want as much wood in arms reach so I don't have to move my feet. We get $300 a cord delivered around here for seasoned wood. Buying in log length wood is the same at $112.50 a cord. I give myself 4 hours to cut, split and stack a cord. On the delivery end I try to stay under 1.5 hours to load and deliver. Stacking the wood is a bunch of work but gives my customers dry clean wood. I benefit on the delivery end when its stacked because I can hand load the conveyor faster from a stacked pile than a heap grabbing 5+ pieces every time. Sure it would be nice to scoop it up with my loader but my qty doesn't justify a kiln, pole barn and slab.


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Aug 31, 2009
Western Maine
People up here buy their wood seasoned-split and dumped. Don't know of many sellers that stack firewood. Stacking is time consuming, and most buyers don't mind stacking, or they just leave it where it falls. If you don't have a dump body the unloading by hand and stacking takes almost twice as long. There is a steady line of pick up trucks hauling their own wood from the local dealers,that allows it, every weekend from summer to late fall. Most guys will do anything to save a buck and some dealers willingly allow anyone to haul their own. Any wood yard I have ever seen around here does not have stacked wood, just large piles. If you can omit stacking in the yard it puts money in your pocket. It's not necessary if you are selling seasoned wood that has been cut and split for 6 months. If any one sells 6 month cut -split oak as seasoned, they are cheating the buyer and in many states, breaking the law.