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Want to trade 2 Brand new MS440 tanks for a NOS 044 Tank

Definitive Dave

Definitive Dave

wanna-be saw racer, saw hoarder, parts whore
Jul 27, 2013
the voices in my head tell me to buy chainsaws
I will ship you two brand new MS440 tank handle assemblies in exchange for a New Old Stock 044 screw cap tank.
Alternatively I will substitute a MS460 tank or MS200T tank for one or both of the tanks I ship you if you prefer.

I have a minty early 10mm 044 that really needs a period correct tank.

I also just got a super early 044 12mm that needs restoration (within first 40 serial numbers made, was told it was first 12mm shipped to the USA but need to verify)

Other ideas that get a NOS 044 tank in my hands gladly considered.