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SOLD!!!! 288 saw new in the box nos

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westcoast dweller
Dec 11, 2012

Nice truck. You have a warranty? Those Duramaxs love to eat injectors, maybe run some archoil in your fuel/oil.

Just my .02 bump for a sweet saw.
only the 01 to middle 04 trucks ate injectors. mines a last production LB7 which is the injector eater but you just can't beat the fuel mileage on those emissions excempt diesels. i could be driving through california with smoke belching out the tail pipe and they couldn't do nothing about it although mine don't smoke at all. emissions exempt is emissions exempt. not to mention, on paper, they have more power but the older trucks just get up and go like nothing. seems those newer ones gotta think about it for a bit after the pedal is floored LOL mine got done 3 times by the dealer and everytime last maybe 75,000. did them myself when i got it and never had a problem since. the updated injector design is just fine. it's short cuts in the installation that kills them. the only way for a proper permanant fix is to replace the common rail lines along with the injectors to keep all the debree from the flange seal from dropping into the new injector inlet. i'm the second owner and with all original dealership service log. i got it cheap because the past owner got sick of injector issues. once i did the injectors i was close to the cost of buying one with no issues but i knew what i had once it was done. it is also the SLT model so couldn't pass it up. i had already done away with the issues on a few buddies trucks so knew i could deal with it the right way. the LML in chris's is a piglet but has some balls. i especially like the low stall torque converters they put in those newer trucks but i could certainly make due without all the emissions BS on them. mine is pushing the same HP/TQ as the newer trucks but lacks the low stall torque convertor which makes all the difference :( one day i'll get'er swapped.
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